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6 Effective Ways To Get Relieve From Dry, Flaky Skin

Skin care is an essential practice that many people often ignore. Despite the skins’ important function in the human body, little is done to maintain it in a healthy state. Maintaining your skin is not a daunting task. However, with the different types of skins available, different treatment regimens should be used. Individuals with dry skins cannot use the same skin care routine with individuals having an oily skin. Having said this, people with a dry, flaky skin should prioritize specialized skin care. To begin, the dry skin usually results due to various causative factors. Some of the causes include sun damage, decreased rate of cell renewal and loss of hormones. A dry skin implies that the skin cannot produce enough moisturizing factors. If you fall in the fold, consider the following counter mechanisms.

1. Apply a sunscreen

Exposure to damaging rays of the sun has been rated the number one cause of dry skins. Excessive sun exposure during summers exposes the skin to damaging ultraviolet rays which cause not only dry skin but also other skin conditions including spider veins, age spots, wrinkles, speeds up the aging process and melanomas. Therefore, applying a sunscreen is of immense importance. It acts as a protective coat that prevents direct contact between the sun rays and the skin. Using a sunscreen with an SPF value of greater than 30 is advised. Additionally, apply the sunscreen to all areas that are not covered by clothing, including your lips. Reapplying the sunscreen after two hours when outside provides excellent results.

2. Use Vitamin A

Vitamin A is a vital weapon that should be included in the skin care tips to prevent dry skin and aging. Additionally, it prevents premature skin aging process. From basic sciences, vitamins are essential components that nourish almost all the cells of the body. Vitamin A specializes with the skin cells. Derivatives of vitamin A such as retinoids are important in maintaining a smooth and healthy skin. Therefore, if you have dry skin, supplement your vitamin A diet intake by applying a vitamin A cream. This will provide relief from dry skin. Additionally, it slows down collagen breakdown thus maintains the firm nature of the skin.

3. Importance of antioxidants and healthy oils

Free radicals have a disastrous effect on the skin and the whole body. So to say, in the skin, they cause dry skin and speeds up development of the signs of aging including wrinkle and fine spots formation. Using powerful antioxidants is the mainstay treatment for this problem, therefore. Antioxidants slow down or destroy these harmful and toxic compounds in the skin. Some of the common products include selenium, coenzyme Q10, vitamins E and C. Intake of essential fatty acids such as omega-3s can also help impede the formation of dry skin. They stimulate the production of natural protective oils in the skin.

4. Moisturize the skin

The importance of including moisturizers among the skin care tips to prevent dry and aging cannot be related. As indicated before, dry skins result due to insufficient skin moisturizers. Therefore, replenishing moisturizers counter the drying effects. These compounds help to trap moisture keeping the skin supple. Some of the effective moisturizers available include glycerin, petroleum jelly, mineral oils, Aloe Vera among others.

5. Cleaning the skin

You should employ smart procedures when cleaning your skin. Without this, your cleaning routines could worsen the condition of your already dry skin. Having said this, practices such as long showers and using hot water to shower result in dry skins. You should, therefore, avoid such. Instead, go for short, warm showers. After, pat-dry your skin gently and apply a moisturizer. Also, wash with a non-scented cleanser, which is soap-free to avoid disruption of the essential oil barrier in the skin.

6.Drink plenty of water, watch your diet

Water and diet play an important role in various body systems. Taking sufficient amount of water daily results in the development of a smooth, soft and healthy skin. On the other hand, taking proper balanced diet with plenty of vitamins nourishes the skin cells. This will enable the skin to recover from various impeding factors. Some foods also contain natural antioxidants and essential fatty acids that will boost the development of a healthy looking and strong skin free from drying and flaking.


Maintaining a healthy skin may not be a simple task. However, using simple treatment regimens such as these outlined above can help you reverse any skin condition. Dry skin and aging being among the common skin problems with various combined products to alleviate the conditions are present. Finding a good quality product that assures effectiveness is usually the problem. Therefore, consult widely and search deeply to find the best beauty products.

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