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How To Stay Healthy & Fit In Summer Season

Summer has come! It’s time to whip out the blankets & winter clothes, repair your Air conditioners, fans and plan a long holiday for some well-deserved relaxation on the hill stations. However, for many people, summer season also brings the pleasures of ice cream, cold drinks and forgetting the summer diet and work out.

To get you started, we went to health experts in different fields and asked them this: If you could only advise one easy change in summer to enhance personal health, what would it be? Here are their top tips.

Always use Suncream

In the summer season, it is very important to apply suncream lotion (at least 30 SPF) on your open skin which protects you from harmful UV rays. Avoid the direct contact with the sun in peak hours between 10 AM to 4 PM, because in this time period UV radiation affects more. If you have to be out in the direct contact with the sun for long period of time, reapply suncream every two hours gap.

 Drink plenty of water

In the hot summer months, heat waves and too much sweating can leave your body dehydrated. Dehydration is very harmful to our body and can also make you long for food when you’re not really hungry. So it is very important in the summer season to drink enough water, at least 30 ml/kg body weight in a person with normally functioning kidneys and heart.

Fed up of drinking water? Add some low-calorie flavor in your water or you can take coconut water and fruit juice etc.

Beware of ‘healthy’ smoothies

Fruit smoothies are the best way to drink healthy diet in summer and get your five a day & keep refreshed throughout the day. But be careful from the smoothies made out with freezing yogurts or ice cream as they can be very high in calories. A healthy smoothie should be made with fresh fruits, juice, low fat-yoghurt and ice.


The biggest side effect of the summer season is the increase of dead skin cells, so it is very important to exfoliate your skin to keep it soft and silky. For this you don’t need to buy any costly products to get that summer glow; just use a sponge for a light scrub or make your own exfoliation cream using simple products easily available in your kitchen.

 Maintain the exercise regime

Think twice before pack your running shoes in the wardrobe in the summer season. Keep in mind in the summer you doesn’t have to stop the workout, just because of rising temperature. Instead of exercise outside you can shift your position and take it indoors or you can join a gym or clubhouse.  For workout and any other leisure activities, you should live in a community where all these facilities are easily available. Now in India many builders & developers are offering these facilities in their residential community or township. For Example Central Park 3 Cerise Suites a new residential project at Sector 32 & 33 Sohna offering 2 BHK independent floors with amenities like 10 world class academies and many other sports.

Get wet

This season is a perfect time of year to enjoy plunges in the swimming pool. If you are a first timer then you can start with 10 minutes and increase the time slowly day after day by learning front crawl, breaststroke or backstroke, this is one of the best ways to beat the heat with special exercises for your body. According to the fitness experts, a 30 minutes session of swimming will burn approx 350 – 400 calories. If you don’t like only swimming, then you can join water aerobics classes or you can practice jumping jacks or other exercises your own with the help of many online tutorials.

Olive oil

This is a healthy fat which contains essential fatty acids that aid skin to defend against UV damage. These fatty acids are also part of the cell membranes that maintain all that moisture your body loses through heat and sweat during the summer. With the intention of safe your skin and keep it flexible, use about 1 tablespoon of olive oil daily or add it to a healthy salad or fish dish in order to catch all those necessary fatty acids.

Protect your hair

Our hair bears very much during the summer season. Unbearable heat, sun damage, and chlorine harms very much to your hair and can leave it feeling floppy and dry. If you’re going for swimming a lot in the summer, it is advisable to apply anti-chlorine shampoo and conditioner in your hair to help reduce the effect of chlorine from your hair. If at all possible, minimize the use of hairdryers, straighteners and other products that harm your hair.

Eat healthy & cool

In the evenings, the ideal of seeking out the next-door ice cream parlor is very much tempting. In the hot summer noon, stay strong by being equipped, and set your refrigerator full of healthy snacks and juices. Fill your ice-box with ice, mini caprese skewers, best fruit dip, homemade tomato salsa, chocolate avocado frosty, no-bake granola bars, hummus guacamole dip and endless amounts of seasonal fruits.

 Take up a new hobby

This season is a perfect time to indulge in new activities. Gardening is the best way to have the benefit of the outdoors and will really help you burn some calories! Planting a herb garden is an extraordinary way of getting your hands dirty, having the best knowledge of some healthy taste for your summer foods and, if you have children, get them involved in playing outside. If gardening is not your type, you can enjoy the game of squash, golf, tennis and many others.

Note:- This article is presented for informational purposes only. These tips do not comprise medical advice and are not projected to be an alternate for professional medical recommendations. Before applying any of these points you should seek the advice of a doctor or other experienced health care provider.

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