Unique Health Care Services Of HealthMint Medical Centre Offer Satisfactory Medical Results

HealthMint Medical Centre is a medical centre with new concept of being very inviting for medical experts to connect with them and suggest even more efficient medical processes as well as procedures to be followed. This GP clinic offers it’s servicing in Cranbourne, Narre Warren, Berwick and other surrounding communities.

In HealthMint Medical Centre, the inner staffs believe that healthcare should be better than just treating illness of people. It should not be restricted but should be even more than that. They just help to shape the medical direction of patient and also give other suggestions to make them stay even healthier in their life. They believe that medical care centre should be quite modern, comfortable and with inviting environment. Doctors should try not only for treatment of medical illness but also for keeping patients healthy in their life.

Staff of HealthMint Medical Centre work really hard for offering its community inside and around the area its refreshing well designed GP clinic that has all things of newer technology to make health of patients at top and updated with changing environment. HealthMint Medical Centre allows quite relaxing waiting area where relatives of patients can wait without getting bored.

Unique Health Care Services Of HealthMint Medical Centre Offer Satisfactory Medical Results

Doctors are of quite friendly nature and behave like a family member. Staffs are quite inviting and are always ready for getting changed as per suggestions of outsider medical experts. They also offer online bookings, clinic app, and mobile as well as tablet check in facility. They also provide good background music and several kinds of kid’s toys. It definitely provides quite remembering experience.

HealthMint Medical Centre at current offers bulk of billing to kids under age of sixteen and health care card as well as pension Card holders. These also keep open their office on Sundays. HealthMint Medical Centre features are quite unique in them. It provides following health care facilities to patients-

  • Women Health Problems- Contraception, pregnancy planning as well as testing, antenatal care, six week postnatal check, Pap smears and breast examinations.
  • Men’s Health Problems- Prostate checks, childhood problems, flu, adult and travel vaccinations
  • Children’s Health Problems- Six week baby checking and immunisations, childhood problems and immunisations.
  • Mental Health Problems- Stress, anxiety and depression, metal health care planning as well as referral, counselling and other kinds of mental treatments.
  • Chronic Disease Management- GP management plans and team care arrangements
  • Health Medical Assessments- Healthy kids check, 40 to 49 years check, 75 years check, pre-employment, insurance medical, driving license.
  • Health Checks and Screening- General Checks, blood pressure, blood testing, ECG (Test for condition of heart), Spirometry (test for function of lung), cholesterol and diabetics check, cancer screening, skin check, sexual health check, Diagnostic medicines.
  • Wound care and other minor surgical procedures

HealthMint has lagged behind all other kind of heath care services in that area. Different reviews of various patients visiting this medical care treatment centre are telling good stories of excellent medical care provided in this HealthMint. Almost all customers get satisfactory results from this centre.