Latest Summer Fashions For Office, College| Daily Style Guide

Summer is finally here! It is time we all look forward to; the warm temperatures during weekends that easily induce barbecues, but the minute the clock ticks Monday, it can be challenging to the wardrobe and willpower. The summer heat can be a sticky factor when considering what to wear to work. Since the temperature rises to sometimes-extreme levels, we are stressed out by just thinking about the wool dress pants, cardigan sweaters, and the starched button-ups. The thought of the alternative tank tops, shorts, and sundresses scream office inappropriate. However, there are very many options to help you through the warm season.

Latest Summer Fashions For Office, College| Daily Style Guide

1. Florals

Florals are considered as summertime essential. There are many options ranging from bright and bold to super subtle. Florals are also easy to incorporate into your planned office attire. To avoid blundering, be conservative and keep the rest of the clothing relatively neutral.

2. Bold Patterns

Some people may think that florals are too tame for them. This kind of people can choose bright prints, anything from gingham to tribal. For the best appearance, keep the profile of your other pieces classic. For the other pieces, you can consider a pencil skirt or a shift dress. With this, you can be sure to remain office appropriate.

3. Neutrals and Pastel

Many people have a notion that the summer is a time to wear only the brightest of bright during the entire season. This is not the justified default answer when asked how to dress for summer. You can layer neutral colors such as blush, ivory or gray. Layering can be stylish and maybe most importantly when it comes to the scorching commute.

4. Pattern Mixing

When you want to multiply the choices of your outfits, mixing patterns is the first choice to consider. The summer is the perfect time to try out and easily get away with the bolder and brighter patterns. The easiest way to pull this out is florals and stripes. This s a cool look and once you get through with this; you can try out other prints such as polka dots, paisley, and tribal prints.

5. Light Layers

We may convince ourselves the office air conditioner can be a lifesaver from the burning summer temperatures. This idea can, however, turn futile when the temperature rises above 65 degrees and you sleeveless dress or shirt does not help much and will leave you still asking how the dress for the summer. It may also feel like the day is too hot to wear anything. To curb this, you can use airy and light layers to cover up excluding the weight of cardigans and heavy blazers. On these days you can also wear tank tops, you should just make sure that they are not too low-cut or strappy. You can balance this skin-baring top with chunky-heeled sandals and a mid-length skirt. You may have to carry a cardigan it may come in handy.

6. Home is best

There are days you need to go back to basics and dress a little more unadventurously. You can however still infuse summertime lightness into your conservative outfit choices. You can try loose blouses, cropped pants, and sleeves silhouettes.

7. Pantsuits

You can feminize the pantsuit that we are in love with. Pantsuits are multipurpose enough to see you through the day in office to your date at night. This season is the perfect time to and opportunity to try out bright colors such as red and yellow. When you choose this outfit, you should remember to go easy on the accessories and keep them neutral.

8. Optical Illusion

It is very important to have one or more statement skirts in your wardrobe this summer. The good thing is that you can wear it with anything from T-Shirts to button-down; whatever the day challenges you with.

9. Modern Vintage

Summer bring many opportunities to try out different fashions from different ages. One, in particular, is the ‘70s flares. They can be summer-weigh linen or dark denim but still, this silhouette is a bomb. It is leg lengthening and slimming. This outfit will comfortably carry out from morning through lunch hours and at night.


Summertime is the ultimate chance to try out the above inspirational and gorgeous looks. These outfits will make it seamless when you are transiting from the office to the after-hours time with friends. Just because the office is an “office,” you do need to stay conservative. Layer like a pro considering that you may need to go to a less formal occasion after work. To help this transition, heels are a quick fix. They can transform anything to looks appropriate for the evening.