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5 Steps For Making A Successful Sale

Sales representatives are responsible for generating revenue for their company. In most organizations, these professionals contribute in generating the majority of revenue. Therefore, people performing sales jobs are respected and given high importance by companies. To land a sales jobs in Gurgaon, Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore, which are the top cities providing numerous jobs, has become easier. With the help of social media sites like LinkedIn and job portals according to your preferred location and industry is now a reality.

What does it take to get employed as a sales representative?

To become a sales rep, you need to have at least a bachelor’s degree. With the right skill set and education, you can land a job in reputed companies and begin your career. There are also several career progression opportunities within as well. Skills such as effective communication, management, problem-solving, active listening, and basic computer are most important to perform your day to day tasks with an ease.

In a sales job, you are bound to make calls in order to sell a product/service to your clients/customers. A lot of new bees take much time to get comfortable to sell or grab the attention of the prospects over a phone call. With proper steps and experience, you will be able to make successful sales. However, the experience you have to earn by working and exploring and resolving new sales challenges. On the other hand, I am going to help you with the steps to make a successful sale even at the early stage of your career.

5 Steps To Make A Successful Sale


As a client/customer picks your call, greet them by saying hello, good morning or whatever you’d like to. Ask them whether it is a good time to talk if they say yes, go on with your sales pitch. What if they say no? Well, in this case, you need to ask when can you call back regarding your concern. I am sure you will get an appointment to talk with them over a phone call. Do not forget to mention the purpose of your call to your prospects. Appreciate them for giving their valuable time to you at the end of the call, regardless of the result.

Know Your Company

It is very important to know what your company deals in, how to they make money and how it works. If you have no clue what your company actually is, you are more likely to fail in this career. You need to introduce yourself and the company so that your prospects understand with whom they are talking to.

USP Of Your Product/Service

To survive in this cut-throat competition you need to offer something unique to your customers/clients. Portray your offerings in such a way that your clients should understand that it is actually resolving their problems or fulfilling an important need. Besides the common features between your and competitor’s product/service,  tell your customers about the features which no other product/service is providing. This is how they will get attracted towards you and eventually buy from you.

Concentrate Your Target Audience

The target audience is decided according to the type of product/service your company is offering. Moreover, demographic and psychographic of the people should be considered in order to decide what type of people will interest to buy. Learn and understand who are your target audience, this will increase the chances of making a successful sale.

Schedule A Meeting

As your prospect is interested in your product/service, try to fix a meeting with them. In this meeting, you need to explain the about your offerings in detail verbally or with the help of powerpoint presentation. As they are ready to fix a meeting, confirm the date and time, follow up with them to remind about the meeting which is a few days later. This is how your potential customers/clients will end up buying from you and giving you a successful sale.

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