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Educational Platforms On Internet

Educational Platforms On Internet

Different educational platforms are found on internet which are serving all the online students of the world. The availability of these platforms has helped many students in getting their desired courses online which also help them to contest for better jobs as well. World class universities and various other instructors are serving the students in educating them. Some of the top most educational platforms on internet are illustrated here.

1.      Cousera

Coursera is presented with the help of different top class universities of the United States. It offers different subjects of arts, humanities, social and natural science. It offers official certificates to all the online learners from different parts of the world. You would be amazed to know that it is not only economic but also offering some of the subjects exclusively free to the students which has made it quite popular among the students.


This website offers video based learning to all the online students of the world. It is quite cheap and requires only $25 per month to enjoy this premium quality website. The interesting fact about this website is that it offers about 80,000 video lectures which help students in preparing for their exams and assignments.

3.      Udemy

This website is quite famous among all the students of Information Technology and Business Studies. This platform is a better source to get acquainted you with latest developments in IT and business. Moreover, it uploads about 800 new courses each month which has effectively helped a broad range of students.

4.      Udacity

This online platform is best suited for all the students and learners of technology. Although they offer some IT subjects but their quality and content are speechless. You can get along with different concepts of technology in relatively short time span which is quite helpful for all those students who wish to prepare for upcoming exams in as less time as possible. So, it’s never too late you can always log on to Udemy to enjoy quality courses of IT.

5.      Khan Academy

This online platform is free for all the students. It has different subjects and content and material are easily accessible on this platform related to science, humanities, math, economics and computer programming. So, it is a better option to all those students to want to move on to the advanced level of education of the subjects available on this platform.

6.      Codecademy

Codecademy is a free online platform. It gives students a supportive platform to learn quickly coding systems. It keeps on motivating the students to learn fast. It was previously supported by White House.

7.      Bloc

This online platform is a best source to all the students looking for authentic information related to web development. Developers can get a vast source of content to clear their concepts. Although this platform doesn’t offer cheap courses but quality education is ensured with 100 % career success as well. So, if you want to become a professional web developer than you are just a single click away from Bloc.

8.      Skillshare

This platform is best suited for all the online learners who want to become professionals in their fields. It has offered different subjects and you can choose your desired subject’s video lecture from the catalogues available on this website.

These are some of the educational platforms available on internet.

Author Bio: This guest post has been written by Melody Wilson, a Web Designer, Student and a fashion designer. She wears Galaxy 2 Leather Jacket because she likes it a lot. Besides, she is an intelligent and a creative person. She never gets irritated and deals with every problem in a proficient manner.

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