Learning Is A Lifelong Process. How?

Learning is a lifelong process, it starts right after the birth and ends with life. Learning is not only limited to education it encompasses so many things. Our skills and abilities enhance with the help of learning. It gives people experience and we all human beings use this experience in accomplishing daily tasks of lives in a smooth way. Learning is a lifelong process and we will discuss it in this guest post with the help of different points.

  • Learning is an eternal and a powerful process

Learning is an eternal process. People come and go but learning always prevails. It has different shapes but the main aim remains the same to enlighten the ignorant mind. It has the power to mold human beings in any way. It guides us in everything and in every situation. Learning has made us capable and prudent in dealing different situations efficiently.

  • Learning is not dependent on age

Learning doesn’t require any age limit. It can be started in different phases of life. We have seen people of different ages which learn different skills and professions in elderly ages and they are quite capable in their respective fields as well. Various retired people learn different skills for the jobs they intend to apply for and they actively learn these skills which have nothing to do with their previous professions. On the other hand, young kids learn different things regularly and retain this information to solve daily life problems and they also become critical thinker with the help of learning which not only helps in education but in society as well.

  • Learning enables man to use his prior knowledge for current situations

Life is not the same all the time, there are different situations in life which we all can deal easily most of the times. Although sometimes there are different situations in our lives but we all can handle them in a good way because our previous learning has given us sense and skills to cater different situations with the help of previous learning. Thus, learning is a multidimensional phenomenon and guides people in different conditions to deal their problems without getting confused and worried.

  • Education and school learning

Education in schools is the part of learning. It enables students to think productively. Schools have the significance in our lives. We all have learnt so many things from our schools and they have played a part in grooming our personalities. School learning can never be forgotten. It keeps with us all our lives. We implement school learning throughout our lives. Schools are truly reckoned as the learning centers. We all have memories and other things besides education which we cherish as we live. We learn basic norms, morals, ethics and etiquettes from our schools which remain with us all the stages of our lives. The things we learn in our childhoods have profound effects on our lives. Education is the form of learning and it has the power to influence people. Students which learn pro-social traits from their schools grow as active and altruistic individuals and those students which learn negative traits from their peer groups involve in juvenile delinquency and grow as antisocial individuals. Hence, it is a true notion that learning is a lifelong process and we all learn in different ages of our lives till our deaths.

Author Bio: The writer of this guest post is Melody Wilson, a Student, an Explorer and a costume lover. She likes wearing celebrity costumes; Finn Leather Jacket is her favorite these days. She is a good singer and always entertains her friends. Besides, She’s an active learner and picks things readily.