From Classic To Modern Interior Ideas For Your New Home

Which room in your home truly reflects your personal style and taste? The bedroom, undoubtedly! It is the place where many of us not only sleep at night but also spend time for unwinding, relaxing, and introspecting. In the past, homeowners did not put much effort in designing and decorating the bedroom thinking it to be a place for sleeping only. However, the idea of turning it into a reclusive and comfortable personal hub is more popular these days. Let’s check out how you can transform your contemporary bedroom into a world of uncompromising comfort with today’s décor trends.

Incorporate the Scandinavian Minimalism

Image source: Charlotte Gunnarsson

Going down the Nordic path for your home decoration has become hugely popular in 2016. The Scandinavian-inspired style is still trending because the elements are easy to incorporate into any other décor theme. The discerning elements of this style are the use of pale colors, warm wooden accents, clean-lined furniture and architectural features, and allowing a flood of natural light in the interiors. The approach is all about creating a snuggly, homely feeling that also helps in creating a more organized, soothing bedroom. Avoiding the use of colorfully competing features and strong patterns will help you create a reclusive sanctuary of your own.

Ensure the Ultimate Coziness

Decor Trends To Try For A Contemporary Bedroom

Image source: Virge Temme Architecture Inc

Homeowners these days put emphasize on making the bedroom as more relaxed and snug as possible. The trick is to bring warmth with texture and materials instead of creating a striking contrast with bold colors and grand architectural features.

Classic wainscoting design on the walls, beadboard ceiling, hand-painted family antiques, green plants, and soothing paintings on the walls elevate the super-cozy status of a room. You can opt for a happy mix of muted, pale colors so that the place does not lose its visual appeal.

Proper Illumination

Image source: Scandinavian Homes

Even the most stylish bedroom will look shabby without a good lighting setup, which should always be the right balance between natural and artificial lights. Sunlight makes a room feel more open and jovial while light fixtures make it more functional and encourage movement at night.

The room’s lighting should be a combination of ambient, task, and accent lights so that they provide general illumination besides setting a mood too. Carefully choose their shape, style, and size so that they can play both functional and decorative roles in your bedroom.

Wooden Fixtures

From Classic To Modern Interior Ideas For Your New Home

Image source: TOC design

More and more homeowners are veering towards eco-friendly décor items. Reclaimed wood is a prominent addition to the arsenal of this rising green wave. You can use this element to create a stunning accent wall at far less cost than the ones made with stone, glass, or concrete. Modern wainscoting is another way to incorporate wooden fixtures into the bedroom. Such a beautiful feature will seamlessly blend in with any bedroom style.

High Windows

Image source: Peter A. Sellar – Architectural Photographer

High or slot windows in a room bring more light into the interiors and help you to feel a connection with nature by framing wonderful outdoor views. They maintain privacy from the street but enhance interiors and add fabulous access to the walls.

Transform into a Mini Home

Image source: Elayne Barre Photography

The modern bedrooms have evolved from the sleeping den into a ‘home within a home.’ Modern people love to equip it will all the amenities so that they don’t need to step out of the room. You can extend its function as a home office by setting up a desk and chair in a corner or install audio and video systems to create a fascinating gateway.

At the end of the day, a bedroom is a place that reflects your personal taste and style. So, decorating it after the current trends means incorporating only the styles that you absolutely love. Remember that home decoration is more about comfort and function than looks or fashion.

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