Open Call Auditions – What Is It And How Does It Work

Open Call is the term that is used in the Showbiz in today’s world. It usually refers to the auditions that are open for the interested candidates in the field of modeling and acting. When compared with a typical scheduled audition, Open call audition is quite different, as any interested candidate can show up and audition in front of the jury members.

Open Call Auditions

Open Call auditions will be done to choose the right person for all the available parts in a movie or a TV show. Sometimes Open call auditions will be done even for some reality shows such as Survivor and American idol. The main aim here is to search for the candidates far and wide and without any audition restrictions.

When Open call auditions are called for, the discussion, viewing, hype and even the anticipation about any particular show goes off the charts. People will not only prepare themselves for the auditions, but will also spread the word far and wide so as to let the interested candidates show their talent. The increase in the public interest for the audition will surely make more people to show up and audition for that particular show.

What Happens in the Auditions?

In any of the Open Call auditions, particular timings will be set within which the candidates must show up at the premises. Sometimes the time when the auditions are closed will not be mentioned in the Open Call auditions. The casting team can leave anytime during the auditions, if they are all set to leave. Hence, you might not get to show your talent in front of the casting crew, even though you reached early to the place.

You will be at great luck if you find a talented manager to represent you in the auditions. With his/her help, you might become successful in getting an appointment for the audition. However, this does not mean that you will surely get to audition for the part of any TV show or a movie. The best part of having a manager is that you might get to audition before the candidates who reach the place after you have reached.

Preparing Yourself for an Open Call Audition

If you are ready to attend any Open call audition, then here are some things that you should prepare.

  • Attend coaching classes. This will help you understand about the actual talent that the casting members look for in you. The professionals working for any acting company will guide you through the classes.
  • Rest as much as you can, as it will keep you patient while waiting for your turn.
  • Arrive at the premises quite earlier, as it will help you find a space for parking your vehicle, and also to stand in the queue for filling the necessary forms.

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