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3 Reasons To Get A Quote For Health Insurance Through An Independent Agency

With many types of insurance, there exists what is called an independent insurance agent. This type of company works with, but independently of, other insurance companies. Using them to shop for the best health insurance coverage has many advantages, and they can save you money. The following are a few reasons that you should, at the very least, get a quote for your health insurance with an independent agent.

They can help find individual or group coverage

Some insurance companies focus on group coverage while others focus on individual coverage. Still others will claim that they do both, but and insurance agent knows whether they focus on one or the other, regardless of what their advertising may claim. Matching your needs up with the right insurance company is what an independent agent does best, and there are likely to be more than one company that is a potential match for you. They can get quotes from all of these companies to get you the best price.

An independent agent works with many companies

This can be a great advantage in getting low cost coverage. Everyone’s health is different, so there are certain companies that may understand your needs better. For example, you may be a diabetic, but you have your diabetes under control. This may mean lower insurance premiums, but only if an insurance company has experience and understands the lower health costs associated with a diabetic who has their condition under control. An independent insurance agent will know which companies are best for your particular needs.

They can be cheaper than going direct

This is something that many consumers simply do not understand. Often, they think that an independent agent is a middleman; therefore, they will charge more money, but this is usually not true. Insurance companies use independent agents because they are helpful in expanding their customer base and sales. They know that they are competing with other insurance companies, so they are providing their best price to an agent. This is seldom the price you will see when going direct to an insurance company.

An independent insurance agency is your best bet to save money on your medical coverage, whether for a group or an individual. A independent agency works with all of the health insurance companies in FL, so they are able to get you the best prices available. Simply contact an independent agent, and let them know the specific requirements that you have.

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