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Shakeology When Traveling

There are lovers of Shakeology who do not get the time to have their shakes in the house and so they are left with taking it with them wherever they are headed. It can be to work or on a vacation.

But one thing that is great about Shakeology is that it is convenient and you can take it anywhere after your breakfast. You can stay on track and eat healthy with shakeology. What you have to do is make sure that you have single serving packets on hand for the purpose of travelling together with your shaker cup. There are total review about Shakeology.

When on the road or vacation and have no access to a blender, a shaker can work in place of it. Take 8-12 Oz of water, the shakeology, add some extra powder if you have any, a handful of small ice cubes, and shake it up vigorously.

Make sure that the first ingredient in the shaker is water so that you avoid getting a sludge of shakeology at the bottom. There are also portable smoothie makers which you can use, but instead of incurring extra money on it and additional baggage, shaker cup is just the ultimate solution.

Just to keep fit with the workouts too, you can write down the routines and do them at the hotel or the gym if there is any. When travelling using the airplane, note that the airport security might confiscate any funny looking powder or liquid. It is advisable that you travel using the sealed individual serve packets for easy identification to the security.

Did you know it is way cheaper to have shakeology for breakfast that eating one at the hotel? Yes it is. Purchasing a Magic bullet can help you blend up and easily pack it up whenever you need to travel by road or air.

Just in case you do not like shakeology with a mix of water, grab a carton of almond milk which does not need to be refrigerated, or a banana to spice up your shake. Before buying the milk, make a call to inquire if your hotel has a refrigerator. Having one healthy meal a day is enough and shakeology has that fixed.

Do not at that time of travelling or vacation let your sugar dip too low. Carry healthy snacks like homemade protein bars. To avoid being tempted by what they will be serving at the restaurant, pick healthy dishes and order what you like even if it won’t be available on the menu. Do not be afraid to request anything because it is your health that matters and not what another person will say about you.

Just in case you order something less than healthy, then work on your portions. Take advantage of the new Beachbody on demand which is available on both mobile and laptops. Concentrate on the workouts that do not require equipment. It is possible to have your shakeology flavors even when you are not at home. Pack them well on different colored zip bags to identify each of them or order for sealed individual packets.

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