How To Keep Your Marriage Healthy

Ellen Starr marriage Counselling wants to share a few small tips with you on how to keep your marriage healthy and successful with the help of communication and understanding.

How To Keep Your Marriage Healthy

Yelling can be very dangerous

Sometimes you can just get crazy when he comes back with the wrong products purchased from the market and you start yelling at your partner. Do you think that this is a proper behavior? The world will not collapse if you got the wrong products from the market. Simply ask your partner nicely to go to the market again, or you can go by yourself and get what you need. This applies when you receive a present from your partner too. Regardless whether you like the present or not, make sure you express your gratitude and be thankful for what your partner gave you.

Learn to control your feelings

Otherwise, you will really hurt your partner with your criticism and they will start drifting apart from you until they decide to leave you one day. Control yourself!

Do not pretend to be someone else

Keeping your own individuality keeps things fresh. Run away from someone who’s too dependent on you. But if relationships begin to cool, do not try to run away from your partner by spending time with friends or alone – do not avoid each other, but sit down, talk and solve the problems.

Money is an important part in every relationship

Money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy food and pay the bills or pay for a luxurious vacation. Isn’t that happiness? If things go wrong in the financial plan, money can become the main reason for breaking up. There are women who make more money than their partner and most men do not really enjoy that. If that is the case, make sure you discuss that with your partner and ask them if they are fine with it before getting too serious with them. You have the complete right to enjoy your own success.


In the end, what is really important for every relationship, whether marriage or friendship, is the conversation. Communication is of a great importance if you want to have a good relationship.

What is ideal for every relationship is that the conversation is constantly flowing and you never lose interest in the opinion of the other, even if you disagree with it.

And it’s never too late to change yourself, but if you think you can change your partner, you are in deep trouble.

Respect and tenderness are the key ingredients of a successful relationship, and you can easily lose sight of this stuff when you are overwhelmed by stress and pressure. It will be hard for you to relax and recognize these things.

Do not overwhelm your partner with love, but it is important that they are aware that you love them and that you are grateful that your partner loves you – every day, without exception.