Exploring Batam According To Batam Island Map

Are you looking for a getaway that will bring you far away from the hectic and stressful life of metropolitan? Batam can be a great choice. This island is one of 2400 islands that form Riau Province, Indonesia. Those 2400 islands extend from Sumatra Island to South China Sea. Based on the Batam Island map, there are six ferry terminal that connects to Johor Bahru, Malaysia, and Tanah Merah, Singapore, making this island as one of Indonesia’s busiest entry port after Bali and Jakarta. There are a lot tourists, both international and domestic, that visit Batam, but mostly Singaporean, because it only takes 45 minutes journey from Singapore port to Batam.

Batam offers a lot of activities that you can enjoy during your stay. The following paragraph we will give you a brief explanation about what to do in Batam.

  • Experiencing Thrilling Watersports: For those who love thrilling experience, going to waterfront city will give you the best adventure from water to land. In this waterfront city, you can have may type of watersports, such as jet ski, banana boat, windsurfing, parasailing and kayaking with just 55 SGD. For land adventure, you are able to enjoy go-kart with only 18 SGD. Other than waterfront city, you are also able to go to Nongsa coast and Melur Beach at Galang Island if you want a less crowded place.
  • Playing Golf: Batam offers a lot of golf courses that already use international standard. Not only playing golf, but you can also enjoy beautiful sceneries of coastal backgrounds. One of the recommended place to visit is Tering Bay International. This golf course is designed by Greg Norman, a legendary designer for golf course with international standard. If you look for golf course with great accommodation, Radisson Golf and Convention Center is a great option.
  • Travelling to Anambas Islands: As one of CNN’s Asia Best Tropical Island in 2013, this chain of islands should be added on your main agenda. Despite situated pretty far from the main island, the magnificent diving spots, coconut trees and sandy beaches are worth the long trip. Anambas Islands also offer the experience to see endangered turtles that live in the island.
  • Relaxing at Nongsa Beach: Going to Batam without visiting its beaches will make your vacation simply in vain. Nongsa Beach can be considered as the most beautiful beaches in Batam. You can enjoy a sunset dinner with your loved one and have spas to relax both your body and mind. It also provides a calmer ambience that will help you escape the hectic life of the city. This beach is surely the best getaway you can have.

The activities that are listed above are several things that you can do in Batam based on map of Batam Island. A short vacation may not be enough to do all the things that this island offered. But those activities should be great representatives for the experience and memories that you will get from choosing Batam as your holiday destination.