Travelling To Batam According To Batam Island Map

For those who are looking for an escape from the crazy and stressful life of large cities, choosing Batam as your holiday destination can be a great step. Batam Island is located in Indonesia as a part of Riau Province. It is one of 2400 islands that create the province, ranging from Sumatra Island to South China Sea. According to Batam Island map, this island has 6 ferry terminal situated at Harbour Bay, Telaga Punggur, Waterfront City, Nongsapura, Batam Center, and Sekupang. Both international and domestic tourist love to spend their free time in this island. Singaporean becomes one of the largest international tourist in Batam. As for domestic tourists, most of them come from Jakarta, Bandung, and Surabaya. They usually enter the island from its Hang Nadim International airport that is situated in the island’s eastern part.

This article will give you a brief information about the activities that you can experience based on map of Batam. The information is listed below:

  • Travelling Around the Fascinating Northern Coast: at the northern part of Batam, at the coastline to be exact, you are able to experience mountain biking. Motor biking or cycling through a dense jungle and sweeping seashore will stimulate your adrenaline. You can take a 30 km route from Nongsa Village or Turi Beach to Tering Bay Golf. This type of activity certainly becomes favorite for adventure seekers.
  • Exploring Batam’s past: going back to the past can be a great idea to spend your vacation. In Batam, you can roam around the remote place of the Batam coastal to see the contrast of commercialization and modernization standing next to each other with poverty. Going to fishermen village will give you a glimpse of Batam’s old simplicity with its stilt houses.
  • Exploring Pulau Penyengat: this small island offers a different experience in your vacation. In only 2 hours, you are able to circle this small island. You can also visit Yellow Mosque or Masjid Kuning in this island. This mosque strengthen its foundation by using eggshells. While wandering around the island, you will be greeted with friendly locals that are willing to give some guidance. Visiting this island in your spare time would not hurt.
  • Going to Nagoya Hill Mall: for a shopaholic, shopping during vacation is a must. In Batam, you can buy many things in Nagoya Hill Mall. In this mall, you are able to find local cuisine such as, Indomie (Indonesian instant noodles) and tidbits such as kueh lapis. If you are looking for golf equipment for your trip to golf courses, this mall also provides it. Some of the shops accept SGD.

Those activities that are only a small part of so many things that you can do in Batam according to Batam city map. Short vacations are surely not enough to cover all the activities that are offered by this beautiful island. Nevertheless, this island will still give you a great experience and memories that you will never forget for the rest of your life.

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