Care And Maintenance Tips For A Snap On Smile

July 28, 2017 Health News No Comments
Care And Maintenance Tips For A Snap On Smile

Snap on smile is one of the techniques to get the smile of dream on your face. Many things come as a hurdle for the beautiful smile such as cost, time and even a fear of dentistry. Snap on smile is a removable appliance that can be fixed over the teeth and can be removed easily. The advantage of this process is that your teeth will not get damaged. Snap on smile can be used temporarily or permanently. It is one of the solutions for many cosmetic dental issues. It is affordable than porcelain veneers or porcelain crowns. The snap on smile removable appliance is made from an extremely strong dental resin. The following steps are involved in the fabrication of custom snap on smile –

Care And Maintenance Tips For A Snap On Smile

  1. Dental Impression – This includes impression of the teeth, photograph and a bite registration. A bite registration is taken to know the relationship between the upper and lower teeth. This visit will help you and your dentist in picking up the style, shape and color of your new smile.
  2. Dental Laboratory – In the next step the dentist send or transfers all the gathered information to the dental laboratory. The dental technician will digitally create the custom made snap on smile.
  3. Insertion of Snap on Smile – Then the final step is the insertion of snap on smile. Cosmetic dentist fits the final appliance over your teeth.

It is very important to follow the dental care instructions while using removable dental appliances because proper care helps in keeping snap on smile in best possible condition. Some of the information that you need to follow are here –

You should clean snap on smile appliance daily while removing and also do not forget to clean your teeth. This will help you prevent any kind of tooth decay or tooth disease. You can use toothbrush to clean it. Proper cleaning is very important because food, bacteria and debris get trapped between the snap on smile and your teeth. As a result this increases the chance of tooth decay or dental infection.

Though snap on smile is made of a durable resin material, you should avoid staining foods and drinks such as coffee, red wine and cigarettes. Snap on smile is quite resistant to strains, but still it is best to follow a strict cleaning schedule to ensure the strains do not develop.

You should avoid chewy, sticky foods and you should also avoid chewing on ice or non-food items like pens or pencils because it may break the snap on smile appliance.

You should also try to avoid hard foods such as chicken bones, tough meats, hard breads etc.

The snap on smile appliance must be removed properly.

Always remove snap on smile by using your both hands gently. You should not twist the appliance while removing it.

Keep your snap on smile in the protective case when you are not using the appliance. It is recommended to sleep while having snap on smile on your teeth.

The average lifespan of a snap on smile is around 3-5 years. This lifespan could be increased or decreased depending upon the care you do. Special care is very much essential for snap on smile just like any other dental appliance. With proper care and maintenance, it can last for a long time providing you with a beautiful smile.