Spread The Message Of Love To Make Your Community Complete

There have been so many claims and instances of showing love that can be found in history, but how many can claim to have loved unconditionally like Jesus Christ. The Bible says, “For God so loved the world that He gave his only son”. The truth of these verses of the Bible is revealed by the life of Jesus, who suffered for the sins of mankind and died a death that was so inhumane.

Jesus was insulted, rebuked, scourged, beaten up and crucified without any fault, and He bore everything with silence. He could have not gone through all these painful situations if He wished to, being the Son of God, but He did not just to fulfill the scripture that said that the Son of God will bear all of this to show the world how much their creator loves them.

Throughout His life all Jesus did was to help others by teaching them the righteous way to live, by helping them in need, and also by curing them. And this is what Jesus calls one and all to do as well, through his words, mentioned in the Bible. The Westside Family Church is staunch believers of the teachings of Christ and tries to follow them to the extent that they can. They focus on all the things taught by Jesus and accordingly live their lives by serving the helpless and destitute.

The members of this church are dedicated to taking care of the abandoned, the sick, and the hungry. They organize different programs by means of which they are able to help these people in various parts of the world. To them every person is a gift of God who needs to be taken care of and made to realize that this situation of theirs is not something to be ashamed of but to be thankful for.

Being able to live is in itself a miracle that everyone experiences every single day of their lives; just imagine there are so many people who do not get to see another day of their lives, but you still have another beautiful day ready to fill you with experiences. It is this uncertainty of life that should instigate everyone to love everyone and everything that they have in their lives.

Love is a word used very loosely in the modern world, though many claim to be lovers, however, there are very few who can really claim that they are capable of loving. The Westside Family Church Lenexa KS and its members could be called such ardent lovers, who follow the words of Jesus of loving each other as He loved. Their dedication to help the down trodden is evidence enough to show how they consider every person to be a creature of love and compassion. They can truly be called Christians – the true followers of Christ.

Loving one another is in reality a challenge thrown by God to every individual to see whether they can get over themselves and their selfish lifestyles to take time and care about others just as they would themselves.