Top 6 Grief Myths And Realities You Should Know About

Whenever we face any saddening event in life, grief strikes us, as it is not easy to deal with the loss that we suffer after that hurtful event. As grieving is a standard process, it should not be a shocker. There are a lot of explanations around this topic as in how grieving should be done and how long it should last. In this article, you will read about six of such popular myths and the realities about them which create the misconception about this normal healing process.

Myth 1: The five stage course

It is a common misconception that the grieving has to pass through all the five stages in a set order. These stages are denial; anger; bargaining; depression and acceptance.

Reality: Every individual has a different way of coping depending on their situation and the loss. Also crossing each stage and in a numerological manner is not necessary as few people can jump through stages or experience the two stages at the same time.

Myth 2: There is a set time to heal

Few people believe that there is a certain time in which you should get over the trauma in your life and move ahead.

Reality: As there is no set pattern to grieving similarly there is no set amount of time which can be assigned to a person to grieve over a traumatic event in their life. More or less grieving is a process which never truly ends, rather people just learn to live with it.

Myth 3: Do not talk about the trigger

When people say that you should not talk to the person about the event which has caused grief for him or her, they believe that it will add to their pain.
Reality: It is a false believing that talking about the saddening event will increase the pain, rather talking it out helps the person to cope well. The reason being he or she lets out the emotion and there is no stress building up because of suppressed emotion.

Myth 4: It is just a psychological process

It is also a myth that grief only occurs psychologically and it is not related to the physical symptoms.
Reality: Grief is both psychological and physical process. When you mourn, it affects not only your mental peace but also your physical health, which can be normal.

Myth 5: Grief only comes with death of someone close

Only death of a loved one can cause grief is not true.
Reality: There are other events too in life that can cause the grief, be it a divorce, financial loss, or loss of a job. It can be subjective for a person how an event affects him or her.

Myth 6: funerals add to the pain

The belief that funeral services add to your pain and also a hole in your pocket is not very justified.

Reality: Funerals are not what add to your grief rather they can be supportive in your grieving process. Also, funeral services can be cost effective if you plan well. That is an event where a person can express his or her feelings openly and also while having the support of other loved ones who are present there.


Every topic always has some myths attached to them, and it is important to get these busted to know the reality of the context.