The Improvements You Need To Make To Your Company’s Bathroom

When it comes to running a business, you don’t often put the bathroom at the top of your list of priorities. However, an unattractive or unclean restroom can be a huge turnoff to customers. All it takes is one day where you neglected to ensure that the restroom was cleaned and suddenly you have a bad review written about your company online.

To help you ensure that you never find yourself in this situation, here are some of the improvements that you need to make to your company’s bathroom.

Repair Partitions

Partitions are essential in any commercial restroom with multiple stalls. They are the things that give people a sense of privacy and security. If the partitions in your restroom are falling apart or very old, then it’s time to have them replaced. Search online for “bathroom partitions Jacksonville FL” to find the best and most fairly priced bathroom partitions in your area.

Stick To A Cleaning Schedule

The level of cleanliness is the most important aspect of any commercial restroom. A bathroom can be modern and beautifully styled, but if it’s dirty, then all of that effort that went into the design will have been for nothing. If you have an internal cleaning staff, be sure that they’re sticking to a schedule that has them checking the bathrooms more than once a day. If you hire an external service to clean your facility, then make sure that they are doing a very thorough job cleaning the restrooms every night. If your cleaning service doesn’t clean the floor, then it’s time to find a new janitorial service.


A public bathroom doesn’t have to be boring or plain. Inexpensive decorations can make a world of difference. All it takes is a vase filled with faux flowers and a painting hanging on the wall to take a drab bathroom and turn it into a lovely place to be. When it comes to public restrooms, these little touches make big differences.

You can also replace that terrible public restroom soap with some lovely scented liquid soaps that customers will actually be happy to use. Put out a few jars of potpourri or scented beads to ensure that the room smells great. These little touches are so minor and so inexpensive, but they make a huge impact on your customers’ overall impression of your business.

Never forget about the bathroom when it comes to ensuring that your business is clean, welcoming and lovely. If you implement these little changes, you’ll be amazed at how well your customers respond. You want your business to be a place where customers love every single aspect and have nothing but good things to say.