Hung Up Shower Curtains Without Any Skilled Labor or Expertise

In today’s generation almost all bathrooms will have a shower over their bath tub so if you are having one, then it is required for you to opt shower curtains for preventing the entire bathroom from getting wet while taking a shower. The shower curtains should be selected in such a way that suits your bathroom décor and can be customized as per your design requirements, and that matches your bathroom style.

Hanging shower curtains add great coloured surface to your bathroom. Hence it has to be set perfectly. After the selection is done and ready with shower curtains, then the next task is to arrange them in a bathroom by hanging them properly.

Steps to follow for placing a shower curtain in place

Lay Out the Shower Curtain:

Open the package carefully and place it completely on the floor. There are two parts in the curtains one is the outer layer which is a non-waterproof, and the inner layer is waterproof. It would be enough if you just have a single curtain that is waterproof.

Hung Up Shower Curtains Without Any Skilled Labor or Expertise

Line up the Perforations:

Both the curtain types will be having the holes on the top. If your curtains have two parts, then place the liner first. If it’s just a single curtain that is waterproof than only place it on the floor. The holes are to be lined up between the curtains so that the eyelets will match. If liner and curtain are bought separately in such case eyelets might not match, so you need to hang them individually by using a double shower rod.

Insert the Rings:

Since the curtains will be consisting of many eyelets, you will need to have numerous rings of shower curtains. You just need to insert each one of these rings into each of these eyelets.

Hang Over the Bathtub:

Take shower curtains rod and place the shower curtains rings on that which has to be installed as per the instructions are given in the manufacturer’s manual. The lining that is present inner to the curtain is to be placed internally towards the bathtub so that when you take a shower it will prevent water dripping onto the floor. The outside curtain has to be kept in such a way that it is towards outside the bathtub.

After the Shower:

After the shower is completed, it is advised to open the curtains completely and pull them towards the either of the sides across the rod so that they will get dried and prevent the formation of the mildew.

Shower curtains are the best option for transforming the atmosphere of the bathroom where it leaves a good feel and looks for the place. However, the options that are available in the market for curtains are very limited, but it can be customized as per the design along with hanging rods, shower curtains rod according to the bathroom décor.

For the people who have been looking for, bringing changes to their bathrooms and are not finding anything to their match can go for the curtains and hanging appealing rod designs which complement each other. It is a simple way to add dazzling feel and look to the bathroom.

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