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Tips For Maintaining Strong & Sparkling Teeth Forever

Healthy and strong teeth are important for the people of all ages because they help in chewing food effectively (which eventually helps in digestion) and for maintaining a perfect smile. Besides, healthy gums and teeth are also important for avoiding dental problems like tooth decay, cavities, and gum diseases – which can literally make your life hell. In other words, poor oral hygiene leads to a variety of oral problems like periodontal diseases which cause toothaches and remain the major reason behind tooth loss as you get older.

It’s just not possible for you to maintain strong teeth without maintaining healthy gums. And once you fail to maintain pink and robust gums, there are chances of you getting periodontal diseases like gingivitis and periodontitis, which are extremely harmful to your teeth. Not just that, a variety of researches done on gum diseases show that they also increase the risk of heart diseases, provided the fact that they are left untreated for a long time.

This means, your poor oral health can have severe consequences for your overall health, and hence you need to deal with this issue a lot more seriously than you actually think.

One of the most important reasons of your deteriorating dental hygiene is the oral bacteria that is found in plaque. A sticky and creamy layer of dental plaque found on your teeth and on gum line remains a favorite breeding ground for bacteria, which releases harmful toxins which ultimately trigger infections in gum. And if you fail to treat those infections at the right time, you will face tough time saving your teeth.

One of the most popular periodontal diseases that is experienced by over 50% adults in the United States is gingivitis which is described as the first stage of gum disease. It’s called the inflammation of the gums because the bacteria living in the dental plaque start infecting your gums making them red and swollen. Other important signs of gingivitis include bleeding and dark gums.

When you have healthy gums, they look pink and support your teeth as well as its surrounding structures effectively. However, one of the most important signs of unhealthy gums is that they become loose due to which they are barely able to support your teeth.

Below are some excellent tips to enhance your oral hygiene and to stay away from periodontal problems.

Brush Twice a Day – And Spend At least Two Minutes Each Time

When it comes to keeping oral bacteria away from your teeth and gum line, it’s important for you to brush your teeth twice and day and spend a minimum of two minutes each time while cleaning them. By the end of the day bacterial plaque starts forming on your teeth rapidly especially if you fail to follow your oral hygiene routine. To minimize the production of bacteria in your mouth, it’s very important for you to brush your teeth regularly.

Keep Bacteria Away with a Good Oral Rinse

Using a good oral rinse helps in taking your oral hygiene to a next level. Oral rinses like PeriActive help in washing away germs and bacteria from your mouth apart from maintaining fresh breath. The right time to use an oral rinse is after brushing your teeth in the morning and night.

Floss Your Teeth to Get Rid of Remaining Plaque

Flossing, which is the practice of removing plaque and food particles from the areas between two teeth is carried out with the assistance of a dental floss. Flossing is highly imperative for eliminating bacteria from your mouth and hence you must do it at least once in two days.

Use Toothpaste Rich in Fluoride

There is no denying the fact that fluoride helps in strengthening your teeth by supporting the enamel. Therefore, it’s always better to use fluoride rich toothpaste so that you can prevent your enamel from decaying.

In addition to that, you can also form a habit of drinking fluoridated water for strengthening your teeth.

Put a Check on the Consumption of Sugary and Starchy Food

Sugary foods are not so healthy for your oral health because the sugar content present in them harms your teeth and the gums. Toxic acids are produced by the oral bacteria when they break down sugar which eventually harms the enamel, thereby increasing your chances of facing tooth decay.

The other important steps that you can take to improve your oral health is to eat consume a healthy diet and visit your dentist for a routine checkup within every 6 months.

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