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Tips To Maintain Your Exhaust Fan In The Kitchen?

Tips To Maintain Your Exhaust Fan In The Kitchen?

The kitchen is the hotbed of all the activities. While you are cooking in the kitchen, most of the dirt accumulates in the kitchen. Usage of oils, production of steam, and other factors contribute in spoiling the kitchen and kitchen equipment. Hence, proper care and regular maintenance are necessary to keep your kitchen clean and hygienic. Mesh filters and exhaust fans in the kitchen requires periodic cleaning as they are most prone to steam, dust, and grease.

As mesh filters and exhaust fans accumulate grease, it becomes important to get rid of the grease. There are two valid reasons for this. First, excessive grease can be a cause of the fire in the kitchen because grease is inflammable. Second, it will ruin the equipment if it is not removed on time. To avoid any monetary losses, it is wise to clean exhaust fan and mesh filter in the kitchen.

Remove the Mesh Filter and Exhaust Fan

For keeping the exhaust fan and mesh filter free of any grease or oil, you should know how to clean them. For cleaning them you need to remove them from the exhaust fan apparatus. In some cases, you need to unscrew the nuts while in some cases; you just need to unclip the mesh filter from the apparatus. For the exhaust fan, you need to unscrew the bolts to remove the exhaust fan.

Soaking them in Hot Water

Grease is a stubborn material that doesn’t go away easily. For this, you need to work hard. The first step towards removing grease is to soak the mesh filter and exhaust fan blades in hot water. Soak them for some time, let’s say, for an hour, to loosen all the grease.

After this, you have to add ammonia and degreasing detergent. Without these substances, you cannot remove the grease. So if you want to eliminate all the grease, use these substances. Mix these in the hot water and create a solution. You can do this in the dishwasher.

Now, wear rubber gloves. This is a crucial step to avoid damage to your hands. Soak the mesh filter and exhaust fan blades in the solution. With your gloves on, scrub the grease off from the equipment using a soft-bristled brush or a toothbrush. Don’t scrub it rigorously; otherwise, it will damage the mesh filter. Just maintain the coordination to remove the grease completely. If needed, soak the mesh filter and blades for a longer duration.

Dry the Equipment

After degreasing the mesh filter and exhaust fan, wash it in clean water. Now, use a towel to remove moisture completely. Now, you can replace the mesh filter and exhaust fan. This way, you can maintain exhaust fan system in your kitchen.

Check Out this as Well

Exhaust fan system is not just limited to mesh filter and blades. There are other filters as well, such as a charcoal filter. Check out the condition of the charcoal filter and if needed, replace it as soon as possible. Similarly, check out the cord and plug as well. Check out for any damage or repair needed for proper functioning of the exhaust fan.

Exhaust fan system requires regular maintenance to function properly. You can schedule a periodic service in every three months of major parts like mesh filter, fan blades, charcoal filter, and so on. A complete check-up is recommended once a year. This will keep the system in a perfect condition. Check out the latest and energy efficient BLDC exhausts fans here –

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