6 Food Phobias You Should Know!

There are several fears permeating our lives. Phobias, however, can seriously affect us when we least expect it. Some may not know this, but there are phobias directly related to food.

6 Food Phobias You Should Know!

Read on below for a discussion of phobias where people find some foods actually terrifying. Sometimes, the fear is more of a situation revolving around food. Some of these may have a reason behind them. Others we struggle to explain:

1. Deipnophobia: The Fear Of Dining With Others

Many people dread having to eat alone; others are not a fan of going to dinner parties. The latter may actually be a sign of Deipnophobia if it’s a serious problem.

The fear or phobia her does not really involve food, but the desultory table conversation. For most of us, it’s boring but bearable. For those with an actual phobia, eating alone is vastly preferable. Hence, you may see them making excuses not to attend dinner parties. They may even take their plate to another room if they feel too uncomfortable.

So don’t get surprised if you meet with someone to get assignment help and find him in awkward position when you ask them to join you for a dinner.

2. Cibophobia: Fear Of Food

This phobia is directly related to food, more specifically putting it in your mouth. It doesn’t stem from the fear of getting fat or gaining weight though. It is an actual fear of consuming food due to a bad experience.

There are a few reasons thought to be behind this fear. It could be that the person feels scared after a horrible incident with food poisoning. They may also have several food allergies, which make them wary of eating in general. However, they may also simply find food disgusting.

3. Lachanophobia: The Fear Of Vegetables

Sure, many people don’t like vegetables much. However, this phobia causes one to find the very sight of veggies absolutely horrifying.

There may or may not be a reason behind such a phobia. One reason could be that the person fears a vegetable plant sprouting out of them due to consuming its seeds. Others may feel like they would swallow a bug while eating a vegetable.

These fears may seem laughable, but they are very real to those who experience them. If this sort of phobia prevents one from living a normal life, they should seek out counseling.

4. Ichthyophobia: The Fear Of Fish

Fish has a very distinctive smell, to say the least. People with a fear of fish actively dislike not only the smell but the sight and texture of fish. The cause behind this could be anything, including the fear of fish causing any diseases. News of high mercury content and sea poisoning definitely do not help the situation.

Another reason behind this fear may be a traumatic experience while scuba diving or swimming. This could lead a person to associate fish with the trauma, and hence avoid it.

5. Mycophobia: The Fear Of Mushrooms

Mushrooms certainly have their dangers. After all, they don’t look very tempting when growing on the ground. There’s also the fact that it’s essentially a fungus instead of a plant or animal. Hence, it is not surprising that many people shun it.

However, the actual phobia of mushrooms means the person is actively scared of them. This includes the way mushrooms grow, or how one may accidentally swallow them and maybe get poisoned. Then again, some also fear the psychedelic experience that some mushroom gives to people.

6. Consecotaleophobia: The Fear Of Chopsticks

Chopsticks are an Oriental alternative to silverware. They are traditionally used in Japanese, Korean, and Chinese cuisine. However, they can be hard to use for someone who is not adapted to them.

The reason behind a fear of chopsticks could be that one is afraid of dropping their food. It could also be an embarrassment linked to one’s ineptness with this particular utensil. Then again, someone may just be afraid of poking themselves of someone else in the eye.


Food phobia, of phobia of any kind, can make it difficult to live our life. At the same time, they also deeply affect those around us. Hence, it is best to get professional help if the case is too severe. Food is essential for our well-being and fearing anything involving it can cause serious ailments.

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