The Best Photogenic Locations You Need To Visit In Shimla

Shimla hosts some of the best photogenic locations in India. It is a location that is perfect for professional as well as amateur photographers to enjoy clicking some great pictures here. You can find both the mesmerising greenery as well as magical white snow in the same place at Shimla if you visit it during different parts of the year.

Make sure that the Shimla tour package on your next photogenic expedition covers these important locations to get some great pictures of the place.

Annandale : Annandale is a place frozen in time. You can get great pictures of buildings dating back several centuries here. The lush green environment around these buildings makes for a wonderful background to your images. The cloudy environment of the place provides near-perfect lighting conditions for you to click naturally beautiful pictures. You will rarely need to photoshop these images with filters to make them look good.

Jakhoo Hill : The mist-laden environment of Jakhoo Hill is both ghastly as well as refreshing at the same time. The dense fog at this place gives it a magical feel and is great for a honeymoon shoot. If you are not scared of the dark, you can go out onto the lush green landscape of the hill early in the morning to capture some surreal images with a flash.

The Scandal Point : The Scandal Point has been a famous location for several Bollywood movies. There is a fair amount of possibility that you find a movie shoot going on during your visit at the Scandal Point. Apart from the movies, the hilly terrace mountain will provide some great natural shots for your portfolio. Most professional photographers suggest that a time around 3 pm during summers can fetch you some great pictures that do not need any kind of artificial exposure management techniques.

Mall Road : Located below The Ridge, Mall Road offers a glimpse of Shimla in a nutshell. It is filled with many shops, cafes, restaurants, book shops and many tourist attractions. Take a stroll on Mall Road and get surprised at every turn by the things this place has to offer. The scenic beauty of Shimla can also be seen through here.

Kufri : How can we skip a snow-covered mountain when we are talking about a trip to Shimla? The winter sports capital of India is a great place to capture some live shots of professional skiers showing off their skills with the snow. The weather is pleasant with ample of sunlight almost throughout the year making it really easy to capture great images here.

If you are one aspiring professional photographer, you must check out these places in and around the town of Shimla to capture the true essence of nature.

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