What Things Should One Consider When Buying A Unit

There are several things that you need to look at when buying an apartment. Whether you are buying it for an investment purpose or for living in it, you need to check about its price and location. You need to learn about the pros and cons of the apartment before forming a decision. There is a checklist that lists important areas to consider when choosing the right apartment.

Apartment checklist

The ownership cost of apartment

As per the renowned construction agent Rocco Basile, it is important to learn about all the costs and check the financials, and minutes of the corporate meetings. Strata title is a kind of ownership that permits one to own a section of a property individually. This means that the ownership of the amenities will also be shared among all those who own the property.

These amenities are lifts, paths and passageways. As these amenities have to be maintained well, all the owners have to contribute to pay its annual fees. This ensures that there is sufficient money available for its maintenance.

Also, before acquiring the property, you also need to check any capital works that are supposed to be performed in the future. So, ask the management/housing corporation to get yourself informed.

Area of the apartment

If an apartment does not fulfill your living requirement then it is of use. It will result in a regretful purchase. So, you need to perform a research and understand how much space you want in your apartment. Decide on the area you want to buy an apartment.

Value of the apartment

Rocco Basile advises potential property buyers to research well and ensure that they get the best value for money before buying it. To assure yourself that you made a profitable deal, it is advised to talk real estate agents and independent values.

Also, checking recent sales would help in making an informed decision. One should not only listen to the advice from the agent or the developer. Make sure that the value of the completed apartment will reflect what has been paid by you.

Look at the surroundings

This is one of the most important things that any property buyer would pay attention to. Ensure that the apartment that you are interested in buying lies near to the various amenities such as shops, parks, public transport, grocery stores, schools, hospitals, gym, and work.

Also, see how close the apartment is to the road. This will help in figuring out the level of noise you will be getting at the peak hour. Prefer quiet and serene place that is at walkable distance from commonly used amenities. Look at the standard of people who stays in those apartments. Does it match to your standards? Attention to all these things will help you make a good analysis.


With such a vast range of apartments coming up, selecting the best one could turn out to be a difficult decision. Considering this checklist and following them diligently proves to be beneficial especially for particularly first apartment buyers.

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