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How To Have An eBook Published On Amazon Kindle

How To Have An eBook Published On Amazon Kindle

What’s the need of publishing an eBook on Kindle if you’re a freelance blogger, chef or entrepreneur? Well, to begin with, statistics has it that almost 2 in 5 Americans are today using some type of tablet; iPad, Kindle, name it. To add on to this, almost every American of a phone using age is using a smartphone most of which have the Kindle reading app.

Many of us have dreamt of writing even if we don’t really consider ourselves writers. Amazon, which is the world largest paid search engine, is famous for being the largest online market. One of the platforms that Amazon’s offer for people to make money is for writers.

Many people who Google EBook and publishing an eBook don’t actually follow-up on the advice they get from search engines. They think that there must be something more “complex” that is required for one to publish an eBook on Kindle. Hopefully, this is the last article that you’ll read to convince you to write that captivating, compelling, or insightful book.

Step 1: Know Your Target Audience

The truth is that you’re not looking into eBook and publishing an eBook for the sake of it. You want your book to attract some type of audience and for you to feel like you’re making an impact in someone’s life. So before you even start off typing the first letter of your blank page you must ask yourself; why are you writing? Who are you writing for and what do you want the reader to learn?

Step 2: Write

The next step after defining your reason for writing is to actually write. Since we’re talking about eBook and publishing an eBook you should think about something refined. With the large audience on Kindle, your book requires a certain flame for it to get the attention you want for it.

You should first write a rough draft, sometimes also called a vomit draft on paper. On this first draft, you are simply putting down your thoughts. Sketch a Table of Contents, all the chapters you want, your scenes, stories and all ideas. This should be nothing pretty or organized.

The next step is to write a more serious draft called the review draft. This should be more organized and you can share it out with friends to get their opinions and any advice. Finally, write the editorial draft which is a better version of the review draft after you have one the corrections. You should get some professional input on this final draft.

Step 3: Format and design

To be able to publish your writing on kindle it must have a certain format and design. If you really want to make money with it, then you can invest in having it professionally formatted and a professional design cover made for it. This will cost you a few dollars but will be worth it in the end.

Step 4: Publish and Launch

If you want your eBook available for purchase on Amazon Kindle then you have got to publish it on Amazon. There are 12 simple steps that you must complete before it’ published. But the first one is to get an Amazon account. Once you have published it you can then go ahead and promote it amongst your friends and readers.

Source: Killer Content Writers

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