What Does An Abnormal Pap Smear Point To?

If you are a woman who is of child bearing age, then pap smears would be a term you would be accustomed by now. Though the Pap smear results happen to be normal most of the time, but if an abnormal pap pregnant is detected then additional testing and further course of treatment may be needed. If an abnormal pap smear is detected during the course of pregnancy there is no need to press the trigger button. Though the result of the test may indicate something serious, in some cases it may happen to be normal as well. The results during these tests are something which is hardly heard of, and most of the tests could be provided to the moms would be.

Pap smear can detect pregnancy or not?

On all counts it is safe to undertake a pap smear during pregnancy. Doctors will perform the tests which are due for them, and this is irrespective of the fact on whether a woman is pregnant or not. The only difference which you are likely to come across when you are pregnant is an increase in the amount of bleeding. As the cervix is more engrossed with blood during this stage, a slight bleeding is common when you are going to have a Pap smear test undertaken.

What does an abnormal pap smear indicate?

 When there is an abnormal pap smear that emerges, it is going to send a woman into a panic mode. But if the result is abnormal there is no major cause of concern. Though the results of it may indicate the presence of cancer cells, it would also mean infection. What it does go on to indicate that further course of testing may be needed.

During the course of pregnancy?

If you are part of abnormal Pap smear during the course of pregnancy, the doctor will ask you to be part of colposcopy and it would mean the doctor would observe the cervix under magnification. By doing so the doctor will be able to figure out on what lead to an abnormal result and how they can be removed with treatment.

Post pregnancy

If your doctor formulates an opinion that the presence of an abnormal pap smear did emerge from cancer cells, then you would need to wait for the pregnancy to be over for the results to be accurate. Say for example, if you are pretty early in your pregnancy, then the doctor may ask you to terminate the pregnancy, so that further course of treatment may be suggested. On the other hand if the cells are indicated at a later stage of your pregnancy, the labour can be induced early so that the course of treatment can begin soon.

If there is presence of abnormal cells in the cervix it does not indicate any sort of risk to the baby. Most cases than not the cells are washed away during the course of pregnancy. If any risk is posed then the doctor may ask you to opt for a C section delivery.

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