Permanent Rotary Magnetic Chucks Repair Companies

Permanent rotary magnetic chucks are used in such machines as the grinder, milling machines, lathe, grinding machines as well as a number of other industrial machines that do heavy duty cutting processes. They are pretty durable and require very minimal maintenance and this is the reason why they are widely used. Permanent magnetic chucks do not lose their magnetism quickly and are able to hold work pieces for a long time allowing smooth operation at the workplaces. Unlike electromagnetic chucks, a permanent rotary magnetic chuck does not generate heat and therefore there is no risk of damage resulting from increased temperature. However a permanent magnetic chuck will tend to deteriorate more as a result of wear. Waiting until the magnets are completely damaged will force you replace them and this is very costly. It is therefore vital that you do it right the first time. Ensure that you buy a quality chuck as opposed to the cheapest in the market for you to get value for your money and prevent future costs of replacement. Also, have your permanent rotary magnetic chucks serviced from time to time.

Repair Companies

There are quite a number of companies across the world that specializes in repairing of magnetic chucks, both permanent, electromagnetic and permanent electromagnetic ones. The quickest way to find a company to do repair and other services to your magnetic chucks is by searching for the same in the Internet. IQS is one among the many companies that have a site providing directories of such companies. Utilize this information to ensure that you land yourself the best repair company for your magnetic chucks. Sheffield Services and Magnetic Chuck Services are some of the names that you will come across during your search. These and other similar companies have employed experts in the field of magnetic chuck repairs and if you take your time to read a few reviews on them, you will without a doubt find one that is perfect for you.

Services Offered

Magnetic chuck repair companies specialize in the repair of permanent rotary magnetic chucks as well as other types of magnetic chucks. Services offered include repair and rebuilding of magnetic chucks, magnetic chuck controls among others. Many of this companies offer free onsite inspection and advice to their customers. It is important to understand the make that different companies deal with. This is clearly outlined in their websites so take time to go through this site for more information. Some manufacturers also offer repair services and therefore if you cannot get a repair company that deals with your make of permanent rotary magnetic chuck, you can always send it back to your manufacturer for repair.  Other services such as application engineering assistance are provided as after sale services by these companies. 


There are quite a number of permanent rotary magnetic chuck repair companies out there so do not be stuck with one that gives you substandard services. Consider the price if the repair or rebuilding services, the turnaround time as depicted in reviews on the company and well as their availability. If there is a repair company near where you are located that offers excellent services, there is certainly no need for you to ship your permanent magnetic chuck miles away for repair.

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