Tips For Extending The Life Of Your Washing Machine

Everyone who uses a washing machine is aware of the functioning of the appliance. The quantity of water and detergent, duration and intensity of the washing cycle, and other parameters are well-known to the users. The buyers abide by these guidelines but they forget to take necessary precautions for extending the life of the washing machine.

You must have adhered by the washing machine buying guide when you were scouting the best washing appliance for your home. Now, you should consider these tips to maintain the appliance so that it delivers exceptional performance in the long run.

Avoid Excessive Overdrying

The overdrying process in a washing machine is crucial for eliminating water content from the clothes. But, if you opt for excessive overdrying to remove water completely, it will damage your clothes. Not only clothes but it will damage the washing machine as well.

To squeeze the water from the clothes, the machine will deploy extra power. This will result in the extra consumption of electricity units. Moreover, the machine parts will be subjected to wear and tear.

Periodic Cleaning

This is the most basic yet most ignored step. To extend the shelf life of the product, it is always recommended to clean it regularly at periodic intervals. Now, you can clean the surface at frequent intervals but internal cleaning can be done at least twice a year.

The surface cleaning involves cleaning dust, detergent residues and other filth from the exterior body of the washing machine. The interior cleaning process can be accomplished by following the listed procedure:

  • Fill hot water in the washer drum and add two cups of bleaching powder or white vinegar. Now, set the duration of the wash cycle
  • During halftime, add half cup of detergent in the washer
  • After completion of the cycle, drain the load. This will clean all the impurities accumulated in the washing machine system
  • At last, using a cleansing agent and a sponge to remove the stains on the washer

Remove Lint Residue

The combination of lint, detergent, and dirt creates a residue that can choke the drainage pipes. It can also interfere with the functioning of the washing machine. Hence, it is advisable to regularly clean the drainage pipes, center tube of the agitator, and the lint filter. If you don’t clean it, you will witness fabric strains on your washed clothes as well.


This is the foremost consideration after you have purchased the washing machine from any of the stores such as Amazon, Flipkart, Tata Cliq, or Croma. In the operational mode, the washing machine vibrates. If the floor is not even, the machine may slide off causing damage. Hence, it is advisable to mount the machine on leveled legs.

Use a Mesh Bag

Small laundry items such as socks, undergarments, handkerchiefs, etc can be a cause of the blockage. This issue can arise during drainage of the water after the completion of the wash cycle. To avoid this kind of mishap, you should deploy a mesh bag that will prevent laundry items getting sucked into the drainage pipe.

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