10 Best Practices For House Foundation Repair Little Rock!

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10 Best Practices For House Foundation Repair Little Rock!

The house ages with years and the consequence is formation of cracks, walls caving in, water seeping or water stagnation in courtyard, cracks in foundation and uneven floors. The house requires immediate repair if any of the mentioned issues the house is suffering from. The foundation is the base of any house and if there are issues then it requires immediate attention. When the issue is detected, the house owner gets anxious and unseen fear grips as how to handle the repair work and is concerned about the solidity of the building. Demolishing and reconstruction is very expensive and every one can’t handle the expenditure involved. Even in some new buildings, foundation repair is required due to fault in construction.

There are many companies of House Foundation Repair Little Rock who provide the service of foundation repair and they customize the product according to individual’s requirements. They have trained professionals and mechanized products to provide elevation and repair the foundation problem. When you contact them, they will send their surveyors who will inspect the site and give you the quote and estimate of the service. They will detail the products and let you know the requirements of your house or building. You can discuss all the pros and cons of the foundation repair and clear your apprehensions.

10 Best Practices for House Foundation Repair

Wall Anchor Systems

When your walls of the building bulges out, caves in or slide at the bottom this implies that the pressure on side walls have increased. As already discussed, rebuilding is not the solution and the foundation repair solution provider insists on using Wall Anchor systems to give support to the defective wall and it counteracts the pressure and stabilizes the wall and even gives support to walls. It is customized as per the specifications of the building. The installation of wall anchors are quick and it can even finish in a day.

Crawl Space Support System

Crawl space support system supports the sagging floors and undersized beams restoring stability and straighten the beams. It corrects the sloping floors, interior wall cracks and door to door levelling.

Pier Systems

Pier systems is used for rectifying problems with settling foundations and it rectifies all types of settlement issues such as horizontal or vertical cracks, sinking slab floors, jamming doors and windows etc. The installation of the product is fast and effective with minimum noise disturbance.

Mud Jacking

Mud jacking is a technique which corrects the sinking slabs of patios, walkways, driveways and concrete steps. The mortar mix is injected between the layers to combat sinking of the base and it is layered in the empty spaces and when it hardens, it uplifts the slab.

Structural Support Jacks

Structural Support Jacks repair sagging crawl space and restores the structure to original shape without rebuilding. It rectifies sinking crawl space supports, defective structural design, rotting floor beams and foundation failure.

Foundation Replacement

For total foundation replacement, the soil is excavated from the foundation as well as the surroundings and the house is jacked up on temporary arrangements. New foundation is built and house is lowered to restore on the foundation and other spaces are restored as much as possible. It is an expensive affair and time consuming.

Commercial Helical Anchors

Commercial Helical Anchors provides lateral stability to foundations and balances the structure from the pressure of earth. The installation is easy process and it can be installed all the year round. The load capacity can be ruled out just after the installation.

Repair of Sinking Concrete Floors

Two systems are followed to repair the sinking concrete floors, they are slab pier system and raising settled floor by injecting high density expanding foam beneath the slab that fills the empty spaces within and it raises the structure back to its originality.

Steel I-Beams

Steel I-Beams are used to rectify when foundation walls start bowing or caving inside else it would collapse in near future. Steel I-Beams stabilizes the foundation wall and it fixes the issue.

Repair of Street Creep Issues

Street creep is a foundation problem which occurs due to expansion in heat and contraction in winters. The void is created and the joints crack and debris seep into the spaces thus it cannot retain its original shape in contraction. Street creep is corrected by the process of Wall anchor system.


If you find any cracks, elevation or cracks in foundation, do not ignore. Consult with House Foundation Repair Little Rock, they will visit your site and inspect and will provide you free estimate. They have trained specialists and professionals to attend to your requirements and they will fix the issues.