5 Essential Things You Need To Know About Extra Covers

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5 Essential Things You Need To Know About Extra Covers

There are several categories of insurance policies you need to keep in mind whenever you are choosing a health insurance cover. You can always go for the hospital package or cover or both.

The hospital cover will always be of great help in settling the cost of hospital stay as a private patient together with accommodation and in payment treatment. This cover, therefore, is responsible when you need admission to hospital.

Extra cover is relevant and natural and helps cover non-hospital costs that are not generally covered. Optical, dentistry and remedial massage are some of the examples of services offered.

5 Essential Things You Need To Know About Extra Covers

Therefore, extras only cover will help to keep you healthy, know the total amount it covered and which type of services you can access. Below are five things you need to know if you have extras policy included in your cover so as to ensure you are getting much better from your cover.

1. It is possible to get a free yearly dental check-up

All individuals with extras cover for a period of two months or more are able to get 100% back on a yearly dental checkup, excluding x-rays. Regular dental checkups are important. Moreover, visiting the dentist regularly and good habits help prevent most oral health problems. Make sure you book a dental check-up often. Not only does it contribute to a great smile, but also your general health and well being.

2. It is possible to get great deals for people across the nation

In order to save your money, you can visit any of your service providers. Depending on the type of service and level you cover you are interested in, you can get up to 100% back. Most of the insurance service providers are known to have a set rate, so you know what the service will cost, and what you get back ahead of specified time.

3. Most of the annual limits on the Extras resets yearly on 1st January

Most annual limits reset at the beginning of every year on first January. Therefore, if you have not used extras, it may be advisable to book before Christmas. The limit refers to the total benefit amount you can always claim back on the extras.

4. You have to serve a waiting period

A waiting period is the specified amount of time you need to wait before you are able to know the types included in your policy. It’s advisable to be aware of waiting periods that may apply some extras. However, the waiting period will be determined by the items and service types that are included in the cover.

5. It is possible to get help for your Peepers

In case you are a registered member and have extras cover and you have managed to your waiting periods, it is possible to get great discounts for the prescription glasses, frames and contacts, up to your annual limit, at any of their preferred service provider.

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