Experts of Sadigh Gallery Analyses How to Identify Fake Artifices

Fake Artifice is skill or craft that is clever and cunning enough at the same time manipulative and tricky that is intended to deceive people. In this age era of perfect digital reproduction, challenging Authenticity of anything is a hard task. According to Sadigh Gallery experts everything can be doctored to look like a valuable original. Starting from the painting of famous Artist, Degree certificates, Bank notes, medicine, and food items.

The Ways to Identify Fake Artifices Taking Suggestions From Sadigh Gallery

Fake Painting

A lot of fake and forgery are reported about painting by World Famous Artist Da Vinci’s, Picasso creations, and other reputed Artists. “Art Detective” is appointed to identify fake painting. Potential buyers need to be familiarized of the artist and their style of work. It is important to review the signature of the artist and the frame to identify if anything looks odd. Color of the painting to be observed carefully. Flip that painting over to investigate what surface is painted on and how does it sit on whether it look aged enough?

Fake Security documents like Passport, Driving License, and ID Cards

Salient features to be examined

  • Quality of the document should be high standard.
  • Examine the details of the embossed design in the front, particularly gold foil stamped into the cover and feel the texture of the cover material.
  • Look at the fluorescence of the document using ultraviolet light if possible
  • Security documents should have dull reaction instead of bright
  • All passport and ID documents bear the watermarks. Shining light on paper is a useful way to examine features like watermarks.
  • Security fibers can be visible to the naked eye.
  • Passports are made of sheets of paper, which are then stitched together and cut to size. To forge a document, it may be first taken apart and then reassembled manually make it difficult for all the pages.

Fake currency

  • Examine the Watermark
  • Identify the readable, Windowed security threads alternately visible
  • Check the Latent image, which can be visible only when held horizontally at eye level
  • Identify micro lettering, which can be seen under magnifying glass
  • Intaglio Printing, which is a raised printing, can be felt in hand
  • Fluorescence: number panels of the note are printed in fluorescent ink
  • Optically visible ink

Fake Educational Certificate

  • Check the spelling and language. Miss spelling is common in fake certificates
  • Is the University accredited? Check through website about the authentication
  • Check the quality of a paper. High-quality papers are normally used. Stringent check to ensure all information is correct

Fake branding of Fashion items

  • Research business reputation
  • Train your eyes
  • Search for overused words by the salesperson like genuine, real, or authentic

How to spot fake foods

When we talk about the fake foods, we usually mean adulterated food. According to Sadigh Gallery that there is flourishing Global Fake Food Industry, which thrives not by adulteration but synthetic ones and mislabeling. You must be alert and physically test when consuming following products:

Fake Eggs (Even food as simple as an egg is being faked), Fake Plastic Rice, Walnuts Stuffed with Cement, Fake Beef, Fake Mutton, Fake Wines, Fake and Adulterated Honey,     Fake Green Peas