Fitness Recovery Regime

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Fitness Recovery Regime

Fitness regime is followed by everyone irrespective of their professions but it is inevitable for bodybuilders or sports professionals to maintain it. They use drugs like Stanozolol which improve your workout recovery time and increases physical capacity with a toned body mass.

Most of the sports activity demand body strength with alert and speed. Steroids or drugs will help them to improve their strength and tone muscle growth with appropriate immunity levels. Since fitness is important to maintain the physique for any athlete or sports person, there are various methods used for reducing extra weight and gain required strength to boost immunity.

Anabolic drugs are found to be effective to increase the levels of metabolism rate, immunity power and muscle growth. One of them is Stanozolol which is also called as Winstrol.

Winstrol can help many athletes or sports person, but note that this is a steroid which needs to be used with caution. This drug should be used within prescribed limits and only for a short period to avoid side effects. However, Winstrol is approved by FDA (Food and Drug Administration) department but it is restricted by many sports authorities and IAAF (International Association of Athletic Federation) around the world due to misuse of this drug.

Fitness Recovery Regime

Winstrol is Available in following various Forms

  • Oral form
  • Injections
  • Liquid form
  • Gel form

Most commonly used forms are Oral and Injections due to its immediate effects of the drug.

Oral forms of Winstrol can be consumed with or without having food but it is recommended to store at room temperatures away from direct sunlight or moisture for its shelf life. Whereas, injections of Winstrol would dissolve in water when compared to other steroids which avoid water retention in the body. This is differentiated other steroids with Winstrol which is widely used by sports or athlete personnel.

Winstrol was introduced originally for treating anaemia and hereditary issues. An individual consumes this drug due to its properties of reducing body fat without affecting body mass. But one of the major reasons for such an amazing results is because of increase in bone mass and production of RBC(Red Blood Cells) in the body.

This drug is also used in veterinary medicine as well for treating animal disorders. Animals like horses were injected with this drug during their race course for increased stamina and performance in the race.

Dosage Instructions:

Winstrol should be used only in prescribed dosages with a maximum of 100 mg per day for men and 15 mg for women. Like any drug, this will have to be consumed with a break cycle with a maximum of 8-10 weeks of continuous consumption. It is advised that one shouldn’t consume beyond it to avoid its severe effects on the liver.

As we have seen its numerous benefits, it would be alluring to have them. But these steroids should be used responsibly under doctor supervision and prescription. Over dosages or abusive use of steroids might lead to health issues and serious negative effects on human body.

Due to its effects, this drug is restricted to use as per doctor recommendations and consume in prescribed dosages only.