Acoustic Guitar Pickup – Check Out The No Cutting Required Options Available

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Acoustic Guitar Pickup – Check Out The No Cutting Required Options Available

Do you have an acoustic guitar that does not have a pickup? Do you intend to add an acoustic guitar pickup but do not want to risk the tone of your instrument by cutting into it?

Perhaps you merely want to avoid hiring a luthier to install an acoustic guitar pickup; you are certainly not alone here.

All around the globe, there are people with guitars which are old family heirlooms that are loathe to cut into. Or those who own inexpensive guitars that are not really worth the cost of installed a guitar pickup.

For years the solution to this issue was to merely mike up the guitar. The issue there is that the mikes are not always the most reliable source when it comes to playing live. Moreover, if you move, the tone being produced can change. This means that you will not be able to move around the stage which restricts your ability to entertain your audience.

Worse case, you perhaps get feedback, depending on your guitar or the place in which you are playing.

So, what options do you have available here?

It is just too simple; you can opt for a no cutting required acoustic guitar pickup! Such simple pickups simply slide into the guitar and then slide out again while you are done. Moreover, you can check out more, as Dominic always has an opinion

Types and Options

Acoustic Guitar Pickup – Check Out The No Cutting Required Options Available

There are several different types of Cutting Required Acoustic Guitar Pickups. The two most popular ones include the oyster pickup and sound hole cover pickup.

Oyster Pickup

An oyster guitar pickup is very much similar to the stethoscope and functions in similar manner. For an oyster pickup to operate, it needs to make contact with a solid and sound surface. They generally come with a bit of putty or reusable double-sided tape. This means that you can easily attach and detach the pickup whenever you want. The best thing about an Oyster Pickup is that it can be used on any musical instrument varying from double bass to violin and guitar.

Sound Hole Cover Pickups

The other No Cutting Acoustic Guitar Pickup Option to consider here is the Soundhole Pickup. They are also very easy to install just as the Oyster pickup. To install it, all you have to do here is to clip it across the soundhole and then tighten it once it is done. Some of the popular brands do not require you to tighten the pickups. Simply clip it into the soundhole and you are all set to play!

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