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Cerakote Pricing For Guns – Complete Overview!

Cerakote is a very popular term, and it is a widely used process. It is a polymer-ceramic coating that is applied to wood, polymers, plastics, and metals. Cerakote coating is used to enhance the feel, look and physical appearance of such items. It helps enhance hardness, lifetime and impact chemical and corrosion resistance. There are many benefits of it.  This is new coating choice for guns.

This is a unique coating of ceramic that is mixed with polymer components. This combination delivers long-lasting and versatile finish to your gun. Yes, this is not inexpensive; you have to pay for it.  This process of Cerakote coating is used to coat the surface of gun virtually but cover all surfaces whether metallic or wood.

It has a special chemical formula that offers superior physical appearance and other properties to your gun.  It enables your gun to have a longer lifespan. This is resistant to corrosion that helps protect your gun surface from rust and other damages. It enhances the hardness of gun and impact strength too. The process is very beneficial in so many ways that’s why this is so popular in the gun community.

How much is Cerakote?

Cerakote pricing may vary as per your gun. Pricing may depend on so many factors that may include color, quality, finish, and service provider. People go for this process as there are so many color options available and it is quite easy to locate any personality that suits your gun and personality.

Some providers provide multi-color and pattern options to both male and female shooters. You can look for a custom layout the meets your requirements and choices. You can decide the exterior look and appearance of your gun, but you should always choose a professional and experienced service provider to get quality results.

There are so many websites that offer all information about such coating processes. You should go to the relevant website and check out the available pattern, color and price options. Here in this guide, we have come up with the basic idea of the average price that you may have to pay for getting your gun coated.

AR Variant Cerakote Pricing: Single Color

Pistol Cerakote Pricing: Single Color Pistol

Long Gun Cerakote: Single Color Gun

Patterns, Camo, and Themes

This is something about the average cost of Cerakote polishing. Hope you like the post, do comment if you have any query regarding Cerakote and it’s pricing.

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