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Jonathan Lauter: The Well-known Psychiatrist & A Ray Of Hope For Every Parent

Clinical depression, Anxiety disorder, Bipolar disorder, ADHD, learning disability, autism, obsessive compulsive disorder are some of the mental illness trends disturbing the new generation adolescence across the world. Every day new generation teens are affected of stress and pressures. Pressures from peers, parents ,competition, for making one’s own identity, disturbances in relationships is affecting the rates of smoking, addictions to drugs, terrorism ,suicides any many more . The pressure is so much that it shatters the person’s mental equilibrium to core. The society is vulnerable to antisocial activities because of lack of this balance. Along with cancer, diabetes or heart disease, mental illnesses are very commonly diagnosed. According to National Institute of Mental Health, about 25% of American adults – 18 years and older and 13% of american children – aged 8 -15  are affected with mental illness every year.

Jonathan Lauter: A Reputed Psychiatrist

Jonathan B. Lauter is a certified child and adolescent psychiatrist and an alumnus from Langley Porter Institute of University of California. He is specialized in clinical neuro development, OCD – obsessive compulsive disorder, psycho pharmacology, conduct disorder, schizophrenia, depression and specifically Neurodevlopmental disorders including sensori- motor phenomena, PDD, and personality disorder, Tourett’s syndrome etc. Jonathan Lauter is now the director of Elmhurst Hospital center in Queens, NY. Holding 20 years of practice he has changed thousands of patients with competence. He does private practice at Manhattan and holds a clinic at Refuah Health center, spring valley serving children and adolescence.

A psychiatrist must be in continuous training, gathering new skills, spreading awareness regarding new theories and unveiling the myths regarding the mental illness and its possible treatments are some of his philosophies. Any mental illness is generally caused by a combination of environmental, genetic, biological and psychological factors. Jonathan is of the belief that the brain is a machine that is made of chemicals which recognizes both learned and inborn patterns. The brains generates sensible and reasonable behavior. Some psychiatric conditions gently disturbs this process of the brain and creates the change in the thinking and in behavior.

Along with these specializations in mental health domain the core spark Jonathan spread is his beliefs that love and care are the main ingredients to be mixed with any psychological treatment for the disorder created in any one’s life.  

Two way communication, practicing gratitude, sleep, staying firm in decisions and being calm in agitations, maintaining empathy and appreciating simple developments are some of simple steps to control any mental and behavioral disorder in child and adolescence.

Jonathan Lauter offers some guidelines to parents that will help in keeping the peace and harmony in society. This includes:

How to deal with bullies as a teenager?

What are the ways of preventing teen suicide?

How reading habit can be used as a tool for improving parent child relationships?

How parent’s careless intervention can lead to teenage depression?

Why and when some children are shy?

Thus, Jonathan B. Lauter is that ray of hope among all the despair and anguish and a blessing for each and every parent of this century and many more centuries to come.

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