Tips For Making The Lives Of Visually Challenged Individuals Easy

January 1, 2018 Health News No Comments

It is even terrifying to think of living with vision loss and impairment but unfortunately many individuals have to live with this adversity. Therefore, it becomes shared responsibility of others to employ steps to alleviate the hardships of such individuals.

Tips For Making The Lives Of Visually Challenged Individuals Easy

Statistics from a couple of years ago indicates that a large portion of Australian population is suffering from vision problems. Around 500,000 people are experiencing vision deterioration, while 50,600 among them are suffering from impairment. If you have a family member suffering from vision loss then you should take up few measures to make sure that he or she lives in a comfortable and  hazard free environment.

Take Good Care of Lighting in Living Spaces

People experiencing low vision are able to better function in natural light. So, make sure that the space in use of visually challenged individuals is getting enough natural light throughout the daytime. Apart from that, installing full spectrum light fixtures in and around the living space will also help affected individuals  move around easily.

Use Colour and Contrasts Effectively

Intelligent use of colour and contrast schemes in the house can also prove to be helpful for visually impaired individuals. High levels of contrast between different house articles and the background colour scheme can help the affected people to identify different objects.

For instance, dark coloured silverware on the top of light contrasted table will be easy to handle for people suffering from vision loss. Similarly, furniture and other domestic objects with darker hues against lighter backdrop will assist visually impaired people with their mobility.

Clear all the Clutter

Cluttered spaces are exasperating and not pleasing in any case. Nevertheless, the same clutter can transform home space into a hazardous one if a visually challenged individual is living there. Make sure that you are making a conscious effort to clear all the clutter in your house.

Many times different utility cables also become a part of that clutter. People with even perfect eyesight often get tripped by the mess of tangled cables making visually challenged people more vulnerable to related injuries.

You have an option to tidy all such cable mess with Making your home free of tripping hazards is important to ensure the wellbeing of your visually challenged loved ones.

Have a Better Eye Care for Them

With all precautionary and protective measure in the house, is important to have their regular checkups by professional ophthalmologists. A good eye care can stop the deterioration of vision. Some treatments from PersonalEyes can even improve the condition of visually challenged individuals.

Labelling and Marking

Labelling and marking different appliances in the house with bump and locator dots can also help people with low vision to identify them.

Placing specific labels on personal items of use will also help them in living with some ease. For instance, wrapping rubber band on their toothbrushes will enable them to pick the right one without getting frustrated and needing help from others.