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The Indian Touch To Food

India is a country that speaks of scary folklore, a scintillating history, remarkable talent and piquant food. The delicacies offered by various regions in the country are a treat for the taste buds. They warm the heart and fill the stomach. Indian dishes remind us why we must stick to our roots, and how eradicating our roots will nullify our existence. Indian food is reminiscent of good memories and soothing flashbacks, as it reminds us of our mother’s love. Culinary excellence is nothing new for a country like India. There is a reason why so many tourists come to India every year; it’s probably the smell of its ancient spices which lures them in!

The benefits of Indian food are two-fold. It caters not only to the taste buds but also to the health and wellness of a person. The burst of exotic flavours due to the authentic spices used in traditional Indian recipes has many unknown health benefits.

In conclusion, Indian food is a huge array of preparations which belong to various food groups and come together to form a healthy, balanced diet.

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