How To Care For Your Heating and Cooling System

January 5, 2018 News No Comments
How To Care For Your Heating and Cooling System

The efficiency of your HVAC equipment depends to a large extent on the preventive maintenance that you carry out on it periodically. In case you are not able to do it, you can hire a heating and cooling Vancouver WA service agency. Heating equipment is an integral part of a comfortable home. To keep it working without frequent servicing. The maintenance required for your air conditioner and furnace are almost similar. Frequent observation of this equipment will help in easily identifying any faults beforehand.

You must think of your heating and cooling system like your car. As you do the regular oil change, recharge your battery, check your spark and clean them if necessary, in the same way doing some regular maintenance will keep your HVAC unit running smoothly. Let us see the 5 most essential things that you need to do:

1.Check the heating pump

You must ensure your heating pump is working smoothly and the heated air circulation is proper. Any disruption can be very uncomfortable for you and your family in the chilly weather.
Clean the outdoor coils when you find them dirty.

Clear all the foliage and any clutter near the outdoor unit to ensure smooth circulation of air.

Clean the supply and return registers, check the fins for any bends and straighten the same if required.

2.Filter cleaning and replacement

Change your filter every 3 to 6 months depending on your use. Poor quality air that may cause allergies and inefficient working can be attributed to faulty filters. Timely cleaning and replacing of filters is very important. While buying the filter please choose the recommended filter by the manufacturer which you can find in the operating and maintenance manual supplied with the equipment. Filters with MERV 7-11 rating are recommended.


You must clean the ducts maybe once or twice a year. If there is a lot of smoking or dander and growth of mold has occurred, you must call for heating and cooling Vancouver WA service agency and get it cleaned as early as possible. While cleaning the ducts you must also check for any leakage or damage to the duct.

4.Use a Timer

Monitoring the equipment and regulating the temperature may not be possible all the time. By installing a timer or smart thermostat you can set the periods when you need optimal heating or cooling. The unit need not be kept running when there is no one at home. This will save you a lot of money on energy bills.


Most of the air climate control systems are designed to work on the proper circulation of air. You must ensure that you do not hamper the free flow of air by closing vents or doors. This will result in your blower having to fight against the backpressure developed. This will also weaken the seal and may open it creating leaks.


With simple and timely maintenance work on your heating and cooling systems, you can keep your system running at optimum level and prolong the time between hiring heating and cooling Vancouver WA service agency for repairs. By following the 5 tips explained you can save money and keep your system working smoothly.