Brushing Your Teeth Is Associated With A Healthier Heart

Brushing your teeth is mandatory for good oral Healthcare and there are a few things as well which you should take care of as well. Your dentist will always advise you on a few things to prevent oral problems. For example, a good dentistry clinic like Ritter and Ramsey Dentistry takes initiative to educate the patients to maintain good oral hygiene. They would also recommend about brushing and flossing regularly, changing the toothbrush in short span, using the best dental products and visiting the dental clinic for routine checkups.

Brushing Your Teeth Is Associated With A Healthier Heart

Similarly, your physician would also advise you on simple strategies to prevent heart problems. The physician will always ask you to eat healthy, stop smoking, do exercises on a daily basis and maintain a healthy weight. These things are necessary to implement for staying healthy.

Your Heart is Connected with your Oral Health:

As per a research conducted by the Scottish researchers brushing your teeth has a deep connection with a healthy heart. It has the potential to reduce the risk for heart diseases. This can be clear by the study which was performed in Scotland.

The study was performed on 12,000 men and women. The researchers also tracked the problems related to heart on 555 patients. It was found that those patients who do not brush teeth on regular basis have an increased risk of heart diseases. These patients also had elevated levels of C reactive proteins and fibrinogen in the blood that are responsible for causing chronic heart conditions. This rise in fibrinogen levels causes inflammation and it is associated with the heart diseases.

The results confirmed that oral hygiene has a lot to do with the health of your heart. Though further research has to be conducted to understand the significant link between oral hygiene and overall health, but there is some connection of the heart with oral health.

What you need to do?

You should brush and floss regularly for maintaining good oral hygiene and should also go for routine checkups. This is vital for the health of your heart. There are some bacteria and germs in your mouth which tend to travel via the bloodstream to the heart lining and fatty deposits causing inflammation and this can result in a heart stroke, heart attack and other heart conditions.

Sometimes, gum diseases and other oral problems may not show any sign and symptoms. Thus, a good dentistry clinic like Ritter and Ramsey Dentistry clinic will always intimate you about these in advance while doing a routine checkup. In case they see any such thing which can affect your oral health, they will always advise you on details about how to manage and treat the disease. In case you do not go to the dentist and there are some severe gum diseases which you find out quite late then it is alarming for your overall health. The thing is gum diseases and halitosis can affect the heart.

So, if it has been a long time and you have not seen your dentist then find a good dentist near your area and get in touch with the dentist as soon as possible. Also, take care of your daily oral hygiene on priority.