Tropical Fruits In Your Garden: Exotic Trees To Grow At Home

What exotic fruits do you know? Of course, you know a lot about such common tropical fruits as bananas, oranges, lemons, limes, pineapple, grapefruit, dates and figs. There is a big variety of lesser known tropical fruits that can be easily grown in your garden not only fun but for tasting them. Exactly, you need to find the number of fruits doesn’t need specific growing requirements.

You should know that lot of exotic fruit plants can be grown in regions in the United States. Are you surprised? Some of them can be grown indoors or in the garden. Try to find the southern location near a house or other structure that will provide protection and heat during the winter. They also need well-drained soil with plenty of organic matter. The roots must be kept moist. It may be necessary to water your plants many times a day, especially during the hottest months of the year. Chemicals cannot help you. You should better try the healthy layer of organic compost to provide beneficial nutrients as it breaks down.

Jack Fruit

Types of Exotic Tropical Fruits to Plant

There is a list of interesting tropical fruits that you can try to plant in your garden:


These kinds of fruits are known as the members of the mulberry family. Some jackfruits grow up to 75 lbs. This fruit is native to the Indo-Malaysian region but is commonly grown in tropical regions of the world. Jackfruits can be eaten raw or preserved in syrup. Seeds are edible after boiling or roasting. Besides, the name of the tree sounds intriguing, doesn’t it? It is enough to have at least one tree in your garden.


This funny fruit looks like apricot. He came from Mexico and Central America but often grows in Florida. The trees height is about 40 feet. You may plant it as specimen tree in the home garden. The fruit can be pleasant brown and pink to reddish brown colors with an interesting and sweet taste. The fruit is often enjoyed fresh or used for ice cream, jellies.

Passion Fruit

Passion fruit is a kind of vining plant that came from South America. Obviously, you need to plant it at the fence on the well-drained soil. What about fruits? The fruit can be sweet purple color, yellow or red with many seeds. The juice from this fruit is used to make punch. But you can always use it raw.

Passion Fruit Breakfast


Kumquats are the smallest of the citrus fruits. This is a kind of small shrub with beautiful white flowers. The fruits are golden-yellow color. They have a spicy rind and acidic flesh. You can eat them whole or preserved.



The soursop, or it is better to say Guanabana, is a small slender tree from the West India. The fruits are oval and spiny, weigh about 8-10 pounds. The white juicy flesh is aromatic and often used for sherbets and drinks, exotic cocktails.


The guava is native fruit in tropical America where it has been cultivated for centuries. This is a small tree or shrub with white flowers and yellow berries. They are called fruits. The fruits are unique. They are rich in Vitamins A, B, and C. You can eat it for jelly or jam.


This fruit came from China or somewhere in the subtropics. The large bush will suit to your sunny garden. It can be also in form of small spiny tree. The fruits are eaten fresh, dried or jammed. You can cook it and make candies.


Loquat came from China but you can see it in the tropical and subtropical areas. It is a small evergreen tree with broad leaves and fragrant white flowers. The tree gives you fresh fruits that are used for jellies, pies and sauces and sweet aroma in your garden.



Mangos are oldest and of tropical fruits indigenous to Southern Asia, though widely grown in all tropical and some subtropical areas. The drupe fruit is yellowish-red color and sweet taste. Mango is popular all over the world.


The fruit is native to the West Indies and Mexico. But you also can plant it in your garden. The fruits are fleshy berries that resemble yellow-orange melons. They are used for salads, pies, sherbets and confections. Unripe fruits are cooked like squash or preserved as well.


The pomegranate is native to Iran. The plant is in form of bush or low tree. The flowers are beautifully orange-red and the berries are yellow or reddish. Pomegranates are very popular all over the world. The berries are used for salads, juice, jellies.

Pomegranate Flower

If you want to see exotic fruits as they are, you should go somewhere where all of them feel comfortable. How about the Dominican? You should know that it counts more than 5600 sorts of exotic plants, including fruits. Just use something like Interrent Car Rental Santo Domingo location and go to see the numerous fruit plantations out of the city. The fruit gardens occupy the big territory of the country. You can meet bananas, pineapples, papaya, passion fruits and mango. Do you know that Dominican is the leading mango exporter to the world market? You may use your car and go to Bani where every year the Mango Festival takes place.

If you have time, space, and inclination, you can turn your backyard into the beautiful garden that grows not only vegetables, flowers, green trees, but a variety of fruits. Where can you get them? Oh, it is easy to go to the specialized shop or supermarket. The fruit trees are cultivated from all over the world, and all season long, so growing those may seem like a waste of time and effort. But there are many rare and unique fruits out there for you to grow and enjoy. Remember that some exotic plants from the tropics may grow well only in certain areas of the country. There may be others that happily grow in your area, but could be rare because they are not commercially cultivated.

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