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Sesame and Other Beneficial Foods To Increase Hemoglobin In 2 Weeks

You may be dealing with anemia that’s why you searched for this article! Well, sesame seeds exporters bring some useful natural remedies to increase the count of your red blood cells and treat the deficiency of hemoglobin at faster rate. Anemia is common in women compared to men. The person having low hemoglobin will have pale skin and nails, symptoms like fatigue, weakness, feeling tired, poor concentration, etc. Anemia can be caused due to poor diet that is deficient in folic acid, iron, and vitamin B 12.

You can increase the count of hemoglobin in just 2 weeks by following these natural ways-

1. Eating black sesame seeds

Black sesame seeds are rich in iron. You can have them as such or garnish dessert with seeds. Pregnant women can eat black sesame seeds as it is one of the best remedies to treat low hemoglobin.

2. Eating dates

Dates are rich source of iron, vitamin C, and vitamin B complex. It also contains antioxidants. You can boil some dates in milk and drink it as a beverage during winters. Dates can be also used for increasing weight. You can eat them with honey to gain some pounds.

3. Bananas

Banana is a great source of potassium, iron and other essential vitamins and minerals. When you eat banana a day, anemia will get cure automatically.

4. Raisins

Raisins or kishmish are rich source of calcium, iron, potassium and other nutrients. If you have low red blood cells, you can easily increase their level by eating raisins every day.

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5. Beet root

Beetroot is the best food to deal with anemia. It is rich in folic acid and potassium. It even treats constipation issues in pregnant women. You can eat the beetroot raw and in soups and juices.

6. Honey

Honey contains iron and other critical minerals and vitamins. You can try and drink honey and lemon drink early morning on empty stomach to increase hemoglobin levels. It is one of the effective natural remedies to enhance blood level in anemic patient.

7. Citrus fruits

Having whole orange, pineapple, tomatoes, strawberry, and other citrus fruits can help in absorption of iron in your blood. You can even drink citrus fruit juice as it will help combat anemia.

8. Pomegranate

Pomegranate has protein, iron, and calcium. It also includes other minerals and vitamins that keep support your pregnancy. If you want to increase your hemoglobin faster, eat two medium size pomegranates every day.

9. Meat

Properly cooked meat is the best medicine for treating anemia. It is rich in vitamin B12, zinc, and phosphorus. Pregnant women should allow having cooked meat twice a week if the hemoglobin is low.

10. Exercise

Oxygen plays crucial role in increasing the hemoglobin level. You must exercise every day so that your body can have more oxygen supply. When your blood contains more oxygen, it will keep your heart and body healthy.

These are the natural ways to increase hemoglobin in 2 weeks. You can find some useful recipes with sesame and other foods on the blogs of sesame seeds exporters. Search some blogs online and prepare delicious recipes at home!

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