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How The Unborn Child’s Moods Be Shaped by Mother’s Emotions?

There are many pregnant women who are found to feel emotional at times, probably filled with anger and stubbornness. What many are not aware of the fact is that the fetus tends to feel the different emotions that are experienced by the mother during the nine months of pregnancy. The baby on getting born is likely to inherit the mother’s nature.

It is a profound transformation which takes place in the life of every woman during pregnancy. Actions, thoughts and emotions of the expectant mother are likely to have a direct effect upon the baby when inside the womb. The prenatal experts states that everything that is felt and thought by the pregnant mother is communicated via the neurohormones to the unborn child. This is quite similar to that of nicotine and alcohol. These days, the expectant mothers can take help of modern technology to check video of baby growth week by week, thus ensuring that the small one inside the womb is safe and healthy.

Positive Thoughts and Baby Development

The pregnant mother is generally surrounded by various exciting activities and positive thoughts like nursery decoration, baby shower plans, health, work, marriage and other things which determine how pregnancy is perceived. This does have direct effect upon her thoughts. The experts also states that as the pregnant mother gets stressed out, anxious or in fearful state, then stress hormones gets released within her bloodstream which crossed through placenta right into the baby. Studies undertaken have confirmed chemicals getting released by body of the pregnant mother, which then gets transported within the womb to affect unborn baby.

At the same time, fear based responses are created by negative thoughts of the mother in the unborn child. This is because, the child’s endocrine system does get activated, that again influences foetal brain development. It is found commonly that children being born to those stressful mothers tend to experience behavioral problems much later in life.

Again, when the emotional spectrum’s other side is taken into account, the unborn child’s health has been found to be advanced due to positive maternal emotions. Thoughts infuses the developing child with calm to sense of happiness is able to set the right stage to become happy, serene and balance throughout life. The experts do conclude that as the expectant mother feels happy and joyous, the body does produce natural pleasure chemicals known as encephalins and endorphins. While the person is relaxed and peaceful, chemicals are released that are quite similar to that of prescription tranquilizers.

The baby’s nervous system is found to work smoothly without stress. When centered and calm, the baby is found to grow peacefully. Modern technology has enabled expectant mothers to check out baby growth video every now and then to check their developing baby and also to keep it for future memories.

The fact is having a positive mind state is found to be quite critical for the mother to have a positive development of the baby’s mind, body and health.

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