Brandon Drawz Points Out How Wrong Swimming Technique Can Affect An Individual

Swimming is regarded as one of the most popular exercises and is ideal for people of all ages be it babies, pregnant women, children, middle aged adult and elderly adult. However, the main thing that needs to be considered is that certain swimming techniques may suit some while some may not. Therefore, it is very important to choose the swimming technique vigilantly or take help from a professional to avoid any kind of mishaps.

Brandon Drawz explains the importance of choosing the right swimming technique

Wrongly chosen swimming technique can increase the discomfort level of a person and can even cause a number of side effects to a person. It can in fact affect the quality of life and thus, it is important ti ke assistance of a professional like Mr. Drawz.

Brandon Drawz is at present associated with Enterprise Sports Consortium as the President. Prior to this he has been associated with SwinMAC Carolina as executive director and as assistant athletic director and director of aquatics and recreation at Mt. Hood Community College. Before coming into this profession, Mr. Drawz has completed his education from University of Washington, Jackson School of International Studies and Arizona State University.

Being a master in the field of swimming he says that swimming when done in the right way and by following the right technique can actually help a person to be happy, stress free and fit. He further explains how the right swimming technique can actually benefit a person:

  • It can help to ease pain and reduce risk of injury. Unlike other types of activities, swimming tends to be gentler and thus it reduces the risk of injury and can also help to reduce pain.
  • Swimming can help to reduce weight, lower blood sugar level as well as blood pressure level. Increased body weight, higher blood sugar level as well as blood pressure level can lead to a lot of complications such as heart attack, renal problems etc. Swimming can naturally help to lower all these things and thus prevent the chances of heart and kidney complications.
  • It can help in increasing self-confidence, high esteem and keeps a person happy and contented. This is something very important in today’s time as most of the people are under extreme stress, pressure and anxiety.
  • Regular swimming can help in increasing appetite, keep the metabolic rate in control and help in maintaining the overall health of a person.
  • Like all physical exercises, swimming also releases endorphins which are often referred to as feel good hormones that increase the feeling of positivity and bring out the emotions of happiness and a sense of comfort.

Thus, all these above mentioned points explain how swimming can actually benefit a person.

Brandon Drawz is a well-known name when it comes to swimming related activities. Apart from working as a professional he has worked as a volunteer in many organization s that support swimming such as USA Swimming and Husky Swimming Foundation.

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