Why A Broken Screen Does Not Mean A Completely Damaged Phone?

Sure we understand that having a broken screen is something which is undesired yet has become somewhat inevitable in today’s times. Our smartphones and tablets are not much more efficient in terms of storage capacity, size but one thing we lack on is durability.

Today, dropping your phone is no less than a life changing disaster which can cost you well. Even a small drop can cause immense damage which may even damage your smartphone internally as well.

Spending more to save it

Sure there are ways to fix your smartphone’s damage both internally and externally but we are here to ward off your fears and make you feel relaxed as a broken screen does not necessarily mean a completely damaged phone.

With easily breakable smartphones, companies are coming up with new ways to tackle this problem with other add ons, which means more business for them. To avoid getting into this honey trap, which is inescapable at times is to of course take better care of your smartphone.

When you are unable to do that, you can always get your Huaweir broken screen repair from authorised repair services.

Data Recovery

Getting back to the point, yes your broken screen is not an indication to a broken device, yet, as most of the times its just the external display that has been damaged. The hardware inside your smartphone is kept intact by the external body which ensures that your data stays safe. Data recovery can be a daunting task and the burden of it comes up on your Huawei broken screen repair servicemen who are experts in handling your device’s data. But, the data recovery depends upon the extent of the damage your phone has sustained.

The task of getting your data recovered from your broken screen phone is a time consuming and expensive affair, the expense of which depends upon the device’s current condition. If the device was smashed to tiny bits, or has suffered the same along with water damage, the consequences will be different and so will be the charges for its repair and recovery.

Safe Hardware, Safe Data

Once you give it for repair, you should ask your repair service person about the condition of its hardware. If the hardware is in a functional state, congratulations as your data is still recoverable.
You are in luck if all your data was on a memory card and the card is intact.

If your phone has a broken screen, you can still try recovering your data before giving it for repair as while some may do but most smartphone repair shops do not take the responsibility of backing up your device data before repairing it.

Try Recovering on your Own

While your device might be manufactured with a data recovery programme, make sure you have the required authentication to use it. Your phone’s brand might have downloadable software program that can help in data recovery, to recover your device’s data you might need your laptop / desktop and pair of compatible USB cables.

Since you have a broken screen, it can be tough to recover your data with a software program that may not even be readable on your screen. In that case it is a good idea to connect your phone to your laptop / computer. Some smartphones even come with an HDMI output and may even have a High Definition Link so it becomes easier to connect your phone to the screen and work on its data recovery. But if the process seems too complex for your, it is also recommended you visit a professional smartphone repair shop.