9 Ways To Reduce The Harm Of Cell-Phone Radiation On Human Health

Cell-Phone Radiation on the Human Body

A 2009 study in Sweden and several European countries found that using cell phones for more than 10 years may increase the risk of brain and oral cancer. The latest Dutch study also shows that cell phone radiation is also closely related to insomnia, Alzheimer’s disease, children’s behavioral problems, irregular menstruation, and male infertility. The latest data from British experts show that cell phone carcinogens may be stronger than cigarettes.

Cell phone radiation is especially averse to the health of pregnant women, it causes fetal harm, increasing the chances of miscarriage in pregnant women. However, children and adolescents are still in the developmental stage because of the brain and body, and the skull is thin. Their brain tissue is more fragile than adults. The absorption of electromagnetic radiation in children is significantly higher than that of adults and they are more sensitive to the electromagnetic wave of the mobile phone. Therefore, it is more susceptible to electromagnetic radiation. Children using mobile phones may face health problems such as; memory loss, decreased learning ability, irritability, increased seizures, and others in the future.

9 Ways To Reduce The Harm Of Cell-Phone Radiation On Human Health

When is the Cell-Phone Radiation Maximum

In general, the phone radiation is less in the standby mode and is much larger on calls. However, the following conditions are the most serious; when the battery is only one or two cells, at time of booting/turning on, phone charging, weak signal area (cell phone signal only one or two cells) When the phone number has been allocated but not yet connected, it is raining, using a mobile phone to surf the Internet, talking on the go, trains on high speed, subway, in the car and so on.

Nine Habits that Help You to Stay Away from Cell-Phone Radiation
  1. Do not bring the phone into the bedroom.When sleeping, do not put the phone on the pillow. Radiation reduces the secretion of melatonin which affects the quality of sleep, but also accelerate the damaging effects of free radicals, eventually leading to cancer and other diseases.
  2. When the signal is weak, or when traveling at high speed, the phone’s power will automatically increase, resulting in increased radiation intensity.Similarly, the use of mobile phones in small enclosed environments such as elevators also increases their radiation intensity. Hence, avoid the use of cell-phones in such environment, it is more favorable if you turn your phone off during prolonged traveling or staying in enclosed environments.
  3. Do not hang the phone on the chest or waist.If cell-phones are hanged or ties to the waist or chest, its radiation will affect one’s fertility and cardiovascular function. It is best to put the phone in a carry-on bag and try to put it on the outside of the bag. If you must carry the phone, be sure to position the keypad toward the body, with the back facing outward.
  4. Less use of mobile phones for “talking on the phone.”If you are going to talk for a long time, use a landline or headphone instead. If you have to use the phone for a long time to talk directly, you should switch to the other ear every 1-2 minutes to avoid prolonged exposure of the brain to radiation.
  5. After dialing, stretch your arm.At the very moment the cell-phone turns on, it produces the strongest radiation so after answering or dialing the cellphone, it is best to stretch your arm and keep your cell-phone away from your body. It is best to take a phone call while the phone is ringing for a second or two.
  6. Even during the call, cell-phone should not stick in the ear. Ronald Haberman, Ph.D., director of the Institute of Cancer Research at the University of Pittsburgh in the United States, recommends that you keep at least 5 centimeters away from your body. Also, when the phone is almost dead, it is best not to call when charging.
  7. Wear non-metal frame glasses.According to a test from the United States shows that metal frames will obviously lead to an enhanced electromagnetic field so that users increase the absorption of radiation. This is because the metal frame is a good conductor, it will be transmitting mobile phone radiations into the eyes and brain, affecting vision.
  8. Smartphones have built-in wireless devices that generate more radiation than mobile phones because these devices rely mainly on battery-powered devices for e-mail, Internet access and more.Therefore, minimize the use of mobile Internet.
  9. Use a dedicated headset.A study in Australia shows that hands-free headsets can help reduce the amount of electromagnetic radiation emitted by a cell phone by more than 90%. So, it is best to use a shielded cable for mobile phones.

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