How To Do The Stacking Bracelets The Correct Way

Layering bracelets is nothing new. You probably have been doing it ever since you were a teenager. Stacking bracelets can be a lot fun and the end result is always chic however, it does not mean that you should throw every bracelet in your jewellery boxtogether. For some people, that might also work but doing that will simply create a cluttered mess without making a fashion statement.

That is why, in this article I will share with you some tips that will take your stacking bracelets skill to another level.

Begin Simple and pair Similar styles

Start by pairing two or three bracelets together and see how it looks. If you do not like what you see then you can add extra layers. Try to keep the style of the bracelets similar but if it gets too monotonic then try adding a little variation of the same style. Gold bracelets for girls come in different variations and colors as compared to gold bracelets for women which tends to be more refined and elegant. Young teenagers can experiment with funky colors as well.

Mixing the Metals

Mixing the metals can bring out a great affect but it is a common notion that you should not pair gold and diamond bracelets. However, I can assure you that layering metals such as silver, gold and diamond produces a stunning yet unique effect. If you are going for a dainty stack of two to three bracelets, then you should keep the pairing of metals to a minimum as layering bracelets with different metal each will create an inconstant effect.

Layering the same style

Wearing two bracelets of the same style is mostly suited for gold bracelets for men as men do not have many options when it comes to bracelets. Wrist watches makes up the primary hand adornment for men but they can also spice it up with thin and dainty bracelets. Women obviously have more options in this regard; wearing many bracelets of the same style has been popular but try to keep the number of bracelets up to a minimum.

Try different sizes

Stacking bracelets in different sizes is a great way to produce more combinations within a small variety of bracelets. You can get same diamond braceletdesigns in various sizes and wear them all together. This will create an extraordinary and harmonizing effect. Also, diamond bracelets always signify elegance and sophistication that’s why this combination will be great for formal gatherings.If you can afford high diamond bracelet price then you must get some diamond bracelets that you can throw together for extra brilliance.

Color it up

The most important thing that will decide whether your stacked bracelets look good or not, is the color combination. The overall colors your bracelets are presenting can make or break your deal. At first, try to pair contrasting color themes of bracelets that go well with each other and after that try experimenting with sharp and opposite colors if you feel more daring.

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