Let the Animals Be Heard: 4 Reasons Why You Should Stop Wearing Real Fur Coats

The trend of real fur is hitting a big impact to the world of fashion nowadays. Regardless of the gender, most people are now hooking with fuzzy and furry coats. It’s because, the elements of the coat gives a fancy, elegant and expensive look on whoever wears it.

Real fur clothing material is from furbearer animals such as fox, rabbit, beaver, lamb, etc. The trimmed fur from these animals have different values, and as of now, fur from the Russian sable is still the most expensive. Coats with fur can provide unique heat retention that gives warmth to our body. Real fur coats are also durable and long-lasting.

Although real animal fur coats are beneficial to humans especially in winter season, there are still objective reasons why you should stop wearing this kind of garments. Find out why.

Animal Killing

According to research, over a  billion of animals were killed every year just to produce fur garments. Animals such as beaver, mink, rabbits, seals, dogs, and other fur-bearing animals were kept and raised on farms for fur trimming. Before the trimming happens, animals were crammed into nasty wired cages and then slaughtered.

This circumstance is heartbreaking, but it is a fact that happens to the world we’re living right now. We can say that some people don’t promote animal care but, animals also have a life to live and they deserve attention and care.

A Savage Nightmare

The expensive, elegant and lavish fur coats you or others are wearing right now can be astonishing on how you look. But, do you feel how cruel it is that the elements of your coat came from the animals?

The process of trimming fur is savage and a nightmare for all the animal lovers. Animals were captured and locked in cages. They were being beaten, slaughtered or even skinned alive. Then after the slaughtering and trimming, the skin and fur of the animals will be treated with chemicals to preserve it and be ready for production.

Think of Your Pet

Let the Animals Be Heard: 4 Reasons Why You Should Stop Wearing Real Fur Coats

As you plan to buy a real fur coat,  think of your pet first and see how important they are to you. Pets are like family to those who are animal lovers, and they give essential benefits especially to those people who have a depression problem.

Animals like dogs, cats, rabbits, etc. are the most common pets that people have. Hence, these animals are also one of the sources of fur garment. With this matter, it is tragic that the corpse of our pets is what everybody wears. That’s why when we buy a coat, you should consider what’s the feeling if your pet suffers from skinning and trimming.

Defurring Animals is NOT Necessary

Genuine fur coats from animals are extravagant. It gives an excessive feeling of fanciness to those who wear it. Nevertheless, real fur coats cost billions of animal lives, that’s why it’s outrageous that people keep on using real fur just for fashion trend.

Alternatively, synthetic fur coats are now available in the industry. There are famous fashion designers at present who promote real fur-free products. These fashion gurus are now using fabricated materials instead of a real animal fur coat for their production. That’s why it’s not necessary to purchase real fur coats. You should try to consider buying faux coats that looks more elegant and easy to maintain. Sites like Deal Wiki is also a great reference for you.  


Having an expensive and fancy outfit can intensify your look. That’s why people nowadays tend to spend a lot just to brag their fashionista outfit. Buying costly coats like furry coats are now one of these fashion trends.  Because of that, real animal fur sales are on the rise and the demand for fur garments is at high.

But how much do you know as you purchase coats with real animal fur? Given that real fur coats are beneficial to us, we should still consider on getting rid of wearing this kind of apparel. There are valid reasons why we should stop using garments with real fur materials, you may reflect on the reasons above to justify why.

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