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Give your rice dish a new touch

For Indians rice is their staple diet. Everyone here has rice at least once in their diet daily. It is the most versatile ingredient available as it can be cooked in any way you want. You can cook rice in the form of an entree, mains or even a dessert. You can find more than forty thousand different varieties of rice in the world. In many cultures it is also considered that rice is quite an auspicious symbol of fertility and life. Also, rice is one of the major food crops in India, which covers about one-fourth of the crop lands here and provides food to nearly half the population of India. In Japan it is really important that you not waste rice. It is even considered quite rude when you leave rice in your bowl in Japan. This is one ingredient which proudly claims to be a part of all types of cuisines. So try a different type of rice dish when you cook next time.

Given below are some of the popular rice dishes which you can cook the next time you plan to do something different.

Kashmiri chicken pulao – If you haven’t yet tasted this pulao, then do so today. This aromatic dish is so full of flavours of the Kashmiri spices, chillies, ghee and sweet raisins, that it is a must try for all.

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