The Growing Worry About Heart Disease

The heart is one of the, if not the most, important organs of or body. It keeps the rest of our body, including the brain, always functioning and healthy with a steady and constant flow of fresh blood to the various organs and muscles of or body through a vast network of blood vessels. All other organs and systems would immediately cease to function properly if the heart undergoes major damage or failure. So, it is very important to always take care of one’s heart and make sure that no unhealthy habits which may cause cardiological problems are not followed.

It is a very worrying matter that heart diseases are on the rise in India. Earlier it was associated with only elderly people who suffered heart attacks due to old age and general weakness of the heart muscles. But nowadays, cases are happening of even young people as young as 25 year old are suffering from cardiac arrests. This is to be blamed on the modern fast paced lifestyle, where people are under a lot of stress, which may lead to such sudden heart attacks. Fortunately, people are becoming more aware of these facts and the dangers involved, and are rushing to find the top cardiologist in India, to address these issues in time and take necessary action to prevent the chances of a heart attack in the future.

Why are the young people at risk?

It is indeed an alarming concern that young people in the age range of 25 to 40 are at an increased risk of cardiological issues, since this was not the case even a few years back. Things have changed dramatically nowadays mostly due to increased mental stress and unhealthy lifestyle choices.

The primary factor for the increase in number of heart complaints in such young people is because nowadays people are always in a hurry to meet their work deadlines. People are under immense mental pressure to complete their work in an unrealistic amount of time, and the increased mental stress results in high blood pressure, which is directly related to heart diseases.

Another important factor is a lack of exercise, which is also due to the busy work related lifestyle that most people lead nowadays. People rarely have time to rest, let alone go to the gym or go for a morning walk. This has been shown to severe effects on the cardiological health of a person and may often lead to further complications.

Finally, another massive factor for the increase in the number of such heart diseases is the tendency of such young people to eat unhealthy food. People are preferring to eat more and more outside food and fast food instead of healthy home cooked food. This increases fat deposition in the body, and combined with a lack of proper exercising and a diet chart, this increased fat in the body puts pressure on the heart, resulting in sudden and premature cardiac complications.

Thankfully, people have become more conscious now and are taking the necessary steps to prevent heart atacks.

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