Top Tips To Get Through Chemotherapy

March 16, 2018 Beauty No Comments
Top Tips To Get Through Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy is one such treatment which is done on patients who have been suffering from cancer. In certain cases, cancer cells need to be killed after surgery or other treatments and this is when chemotherapy plays a vital role. It is used to shrink the cancerous tumor so that other treatments for the cure of surgery and radiation are possible. There are a lot people out there whose nails have gone black and hair have also started falling post the chemotherapy sessions. So in case you or your loved ones are going through chemotherapy, below mentioned tips can help you get through it.

  1. You can prevent the hair loss – One of the biggest disadvantage of even the Best Chemotherapy treatment in India is that people lose their hair. But this can be prevented if you are ready to sit with an ice-cold cap placed on your head. It won’t stop the hair loss but at least would minimize the effect but before you do anything like that it is best to confirm with your doctor.
  2. Get your hair chopped – In case you are not willing to go for the ice-cold cap formula, don’t just shave your head recklessly. Just try and cut your hair short before your treatment starts and then you can probably shave it if it starts falling out. This can at least reduce the shock of going bare in your head.
  3. Catch on with your sleep – This is very crucial as the body is going through intense changes and moreover the painful migraine can make the initial few weeks very hard and can also seem like the worst hangover. So better it is to catch up on your sleep and stay away from technology as much as you possibly can.
  4. Medicines – The medication that is prescribed by your doctor must be taken in time and also try to avoid buying over-the-counter anti-sickness bands. Though they are great and can give you relief as well but eventually they can damage and squeeze your veins if you put them on for a long time.
  5. No-No Wigs – If the patient is planning to buy some wigs before the start of chemo sessions, they must consider that they won’t lose their hair instantly and also the patient can look very different with these wigs on. Plus they are way too expensive, hence must be avoided.
  6. Opt for natural remedies – You can always stock up natural remedies for commonly faced unpleasant experiences during even the Best Chemotherapy treatment in India such as constipation etc. Just have a few pills before your chemo sessions and you can consume them till you feel normal. But again it is recommended that the doctor’s assistance is required in this.
  7. Stock up cold stuff – During the very strenuous and tiring chemotherapy session, it is advised that the patients stock up on ice creams and colas and some other cold stuff which they can eat during chemotherapy sessions. As the treatment leaves an impact on the taste buds, it is better to have icy drinks which can be soothing for the body.